Different Perspectives Page 248

By | June 6, 2015

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1 year ago

i think we all know what happens next after chris changes back into himself .

5 years ago

No biggie, cameras run away from me

8 years ago

he said he is not a pornagrphic person but is you look at one of the classifation of this website it says peornagraphy

8 years ago

I also thought about video transmission of my eventual transition, but social anxiety + no video making skills + totally not photogenic + not wanting to share too much about myself to an unknown public has me thinking against it. : /

However I do plan to snap pics from start to finish of my transition once I start hormones even though I’m bound to look terribly awkward at first until I get more comfortable with myself. It’s something I can do to log the transition since I’m not really interested in updating a blog or making videos.

8 years ago

Best wishes for you on your transition ,Great work by you and your team ,you always have me on the edge waiting to see what happens next. Great job SF Team

8 years ago

I don’t like when couples don’t cat like couples. Like this.

8 years ago

Nice page! Anyway the Youtube video is a neat idea but ultimately up to you. I believe I might of said something along the lines when you first announced your transgender status. I thought it was a neat idea to vlog about since the SF Youtube page is sort of inactive. But again it is up to you. And don’t worry about how you look on Youtube, it is for you and your fans really. No one else.

8 years ago

Three page and Chris have not Change yet. I like for him to take a break. Good think Chris didn’t fall in Kayla trap. Thank to Holly.
I think Christina was taking over. I hope Chris don’t fall in any traps. Waiting to see what next.