Different Perspectives Page 243

By | June 1, 2015

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1 year ago

this is going to be really good for chris .

Hobo K
8 years ago

This oughta be good….

8 years ago

First the animation is great and the women look fantastic , not in my wildest dreams could I imagine being that beautiful and if I was Chris I would spend as much time as possible as a girl even more so now that I know my girlfriend loves me being a girl too. So Sam I am confused about what this story is about, Chris doesn’t seem to like dressing as a girl but always uses his power for a reason , ie to drive his mums car , to get exam results , to see if he can get… Read more »

Cheshire the curious cat
8 years ago

Um…won’t people notice that her hair drastically changed colors oh and her facial features have also changed? LOL

8 years ago

Christina may still have multiple girl problems yet. She’s now got her Christina head back, but what about the rest of her body? She still has multiple girl body parts on her. So shouldn’t she still have to worry about having the thoughts and feelings of other girls in her own body yet.

Reply to  Cartoonist
8 years ago

Christina is the most powerful, she alone is able to take over him completely and get into his head when he’s not transformed.

8 years ago

I can’t believe that all the bystanders in the background hasn’t noticed anything!

Reply to  mlpogo
8 years ago


8 years ago

Christina meet Bruce,Christina takes early control and Chris and Holly dont realize it ,Holly gets distracted by Kayla and Christina comes back and tells Holly Bruce has asked her to the Prom Holly says no way ,Christina runs back to Bruce and they leave with Holly in hot persuit.

8 years ago

His sister still thinks he’s a cross dresser…

Reply to  katiemills
8 years ago

Maybe that will be the angle when Christina comes home instead of Chris, meets Jessica and she just thinks he is really good at croshdressing, like getting a head shorter and 20kg lighter is something that can be done with makeup and padding.