Different Perspectives Page 236

By | May 25, 2015

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1 year ago

i am thinking that chris is really ashamed of himself for what he put holly through .

Hobo K
8 years ago

Huh….guess I was off….

8 years ago

I seen Chris transformation into three woman for more than 13 pages and have not lost control. I believe he will never lost control to the point of having sex. Like when his transformation into his mom again. He feel very bad about that.

Naomi Pearce
Reply to  Troy
8 years ago

Also keep in mind that Chris was conscious the whole time as his mom and able to fight it. He was asleep as Christina for much longer than that, and being asleep meant he could not actively prevent her from taking over.

8 years ago

(Sighs) Any woman knows men are slow in the affairs of the heart. She gave him many clues thought the evening, until finally she had to be quite blatant.

8 years ago

Well Chris, this is a fine mess youve gotten yourself into. What do you do? Go home, change and call her later to apologize? Or do you risk doing it now?

Reply to  Undertaker
8 years ago

Oh and something i forgot to mention. 2 pages ago, Heidi had pink nails. As of last page, she has blue nails. Was there a mistake somewhere here? Were her nails supposed to be blue the whole time or what?

Reply to  Undertaker
8 years ago

Not a mistake….I think Christina is gonna take over I hope

8 years ago

Boring. Would have been funner if they broke up. A single chris offers SO much more potential for his powers.

8 years ago

tell…..CNN…….pic’s at 11pm…..ya right……..the least amount of ppl who know……the better…..

8 years ago

Cat’s out of the bag… so how’s Chris-the-dumbass going to respond?