Different Perspectives Page 220

By | May 9, 2015

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1 year ago

oh chris you are the master of keeping guys entertained . while waiting to spring your trap hope that you don’t get caught in it as well .

1 year ago

WTF I thought food scale was off before but that Egg Roll is half the size of her forearm. Your average burrito isn’t often that long.

5 years ago

O.K. time for a cold shower or two.

8 years ago

I want to say something for a “” straight guy he does some not so straight things. Sure he might not want to sleep with men . But He made out with his step dad for one and still puts him self in compromising position. If he is bi curious I can let this slide . If he was turning into a hot girl as a job to make a lot of money sure. Flirt with a cop ,shoe sales man, step dad I guess having that power against men could be fun. But should freak him out as a… Read more »

8 years ago

the real question is ,is Chris going to be strong enough to handle young Scarlet and Jessica when they start to take control? He will be doubled teamed .When he was Miss Turner with Holly’s body Holly helped him but this time it maybe totally different.

8 years ago

I like to see him have trouble controlling his body as a woman as he did as his sister Jessica , and mom Scarlett and Christina.
He did 34 page with his mom Scarlett. 13 page with his sister Jessica but only 22 page with Christina. All with some kind of
lost control. I see the only one he have not had trouble is with being Holly. Love reading it all only it one page a day. I wish
for more every days. Hope he will lost some control of young Scarlett who he is calling Skyler .

Reply to  Troy
8 years ago

He hasn’t been his mom nearly long enough I don’t think

8 years ago

I want chinese food.

Wicked intention
8 years ago

Why not just walk around the mall until his shows up at the food court. Then she would call him and go back to the food court and spring the trap. Chris can take bruce lingerie shopping until his sister show up. So he doesn’t have wait foe sis .

Reply to  Wicked intention
8 years ago

You have to remember Chris dont think with his head.