Different Perspectives Page 204

By | April 23, 2015

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1 year ago

boy when chris as holly is wearing a dress he does look really cute .

6 years ago

Green would of been better color

8 years ago

hi sapphire how are you.I like. the way how one sexy error was start. I am looking for more in that story. pleas makeup for us. thank yo

8 years ago

I just realized…
…Why doesn’t Holly just use a mirror?

Reply to  HeroSpirit
8 years ago

What would be the fun in that?

matthew kingston
8 years ago

wow that white dress is so nice, chirs can you turn in to an other woman please mattk

8 years ago

I have a question about one of the other comics. The one called “One Sexy Error” will you be continuing that one in the future.
I am enjoying “Different Perspective” Keep up the good work

Reply to  Cleopatra1016
8 years ago

there is a few older ones…that seem to have fallen by the wayside………sigh’s….

Reply to  alaskasteviedenise
8 years ago

One Sexy Error was a one shot, as were a lot of them. There will eventually be a poll to decide which one shot will get a continuation. One Sexy Error will be one of the choices

8 years ago

I wonder how much time has past since he changed.And will Holly start taking control and will Holly take advantage of Holly and will she let him stay her over night?

Reply to  sawdust
8 years ago

Holly knows better than to let Chris’s female side take control. Especially if its Holly, hes only got a basic imprint of her mind. Im pretty sure fake Holly would freak out at the sight of the real Holly

8 years ago

Good work! Looking forward to the next one!