Different Perspectives Page 165

By | March 15, 2015

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1 year ago

holly gets to meet christina for the first time and she wants to see her come out fully . will chris grant holly’s request to see the full christina .

8 years ago

Christina now has one less worry to put up with. Instead of Holly dumping her or runnig out screaming or fainting, Holly now totally accepts Christina and the fact that she can become a woman anytime she wants. I was hoping that Holly would ask Christina to finish her transformation into a woman. Christina is really lucky to have Holly for her girlfriend. This will open up a new chapter in their relationship with each other. Holly will now have a new girlfriend to hang out with, and even help her out when she needs to get another girl to… Read more »

8 years ago

Or maybe Holly would be jealous of Christina when she realizes that she is way hotter… lol

8 years ago

I’m surprised Holly isn’t more concerned how Chris turned into that hot girl in the picture. Since he hasn’t explained those were un-owned clothes.

8 years ago

I guess holy is be and want to have some lesbian für 🙂

Alaster Boneman
8 years ago

here comes the hot lesbian moment

matthew kingston
8 years ago

wow it good that holly came round to this she must realy love him come on chris put the lingerie on I love to see look on holly face. matt k

8 years ago

What if they were ever to break up would she still keep his secret ?

Reply to  Tinisteph
8 years ago

It depends on how bad the breakup is and how good of a person she is. My ex knew that i like to crossdress and even after i broke up with her, as far as im aware, she never told anyone about it

Naomi Pearce
Reply to  Tinisteph
8 years ago

Wouldn’t really matter. She’d come off as a loon if she tried to tell anyone.