Different Perspectives Page 159

By | March 9, 2015

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1 year ago

it’s nice that holly and scarlet can bond together over baking a pan of chocolate chip brownies . and will chris finally come out to holly about his little secret . and what will she think about it .

Hobo K
8 years ago

What question?

8 years ago

It seems Chris has two powers! He can change into a women wears the clothes of AND he can poof in and out of the comic as he pleases! I love it! 😛

8 years ago

i thought they were baking cookies. now it looks like a batch of brownies?

Reply to  scoo6asteve
8 years ago

last panel says “A batch of chocolate chip brownies”

matthew kingston
8 years ago

O that sad, I think chris need to give his mum a big hug and put his arm round her. mattk

8 years ago

I think it was Chris’s Mother who died..After the death of his ‘mother’ perhaps Chris’s Father might have assumed the identity of his ‘mother’ Scarlet..Perhaps that’s how Chris got his power from his ‘father’

That would be an interesting twist

Patty Dual
Reply to  blackwolf
8 years ago

Had the same insight here…

8 years ago

I’m calling it now, Holly, Jessica, and Scarlett are actually Chris’s dude best friend, brother, and father but they did something to make Chris think he was living in a reality where he had a ‘girlfriend’, a ‘sister’, and his father died, leaving just his ‘mother’ and step-father. That explains why Holly, Jessica, and Scarlett are just so perfect and everything a guy could ever possibly dream of. 🙂 That also explains why it’s been so easy for Chris to just take their clothes like a cakewalk. They’re testing him somehow to see how uses his power, acting and pretending… Read more »

Reply to  TGiVita92
8 years ago


8 years ago

that’s it, I’m leaving the force……going to the dark side. Chris’s mother tells him..” I am your father”.

Reply to  stacie402
8 years ago

That would be an interesting twist. 🙂

Reply to  stacie402
8 years ago

lol………. to good stacie