Different Perspectives Page 156

By | March 6, 2015

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9 months ago

i think that mark and the real scarlet will have a real big hangover in the morning . and as for chris i hope that you learned your lesson from all that happened tonight .

5 years ago

alcohol give us the courage, but not the stamina

8 years ago

What’s wrong with Chris?

Reply to  manipulator333
8 years ago

He just lost almost complete control of himself and his mom’s boyfriend just pleasured him as his mother, that’s pretty traumatic.

Also as an aside, I notice he’s only crying out of his left eye, is that intentional? Perhaps to indicate the inner conflict he has at the moment with his mother’s personality.

Shadow Doctrine
8 years ago

Chris has been intriguing and exciting but maybe he realized playing with others lives will causes trouble. The good thing he’s learning from his mistakes. Chris does wants to be Christina or not? To be or not to be? That’s the question. Hmmmm I have to admit it was certainly amusing. Chris has plenty of time becoming someone else and lucky enough…slip away. Beautifully orchestrated.

8 years ago

i wonder if he will find out the results of all his actions soon

8 years ago

what a relief to chris.

8 years ago

I am wondering how he is going to get of the dress since Marky help by zippering the back of the dress. Is he near the closet or his room?

Reply to  yankeesrhoades17
8 years ago

the plant will help

Reply to  yankeesrhoades17
8 years ago

Maybe Mark unzipped it in the taxi?

8 years ago

chris is remarkably clear headed for someone whom is intoxicated for the first time. Or maybe it is just a moment of lucidity?