Different Perspectives Page 118

By | January 27, 2015

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1 year ago

yeah Chris I get it, Calculus can be difficult and complicated but this plan is even more complicated than just putting in the effort. Even if you didn’t make the B- demonstrate you are putting in the effort and your teacher will give you some extra opportunities to catch up. I mean come on that’s high school.

2 years ago

Sooner or later this is all going to catch up with Chris.

3 years ago

Wouldn’t it be easier to just ask for help? Or just study. But it’s a interesting plot twist. I’m loving this comic, it’s hard to put down my phone.

5 years ago

R u all lark? -35 we are eatig icecream. From Russia with love 😉

5 years ago

I just love California weather during the winter it’s practically spring all ready

5 years ago

Me in tropics can never understand the fuzz about the snow fall ,like how you guys don’t understand why we hate the weather here, hot and humid with often showers…

Reply to  LockOnHome
5 years ago

Live in the Texas panhandle. where there are four seasons: Dry and cold, dry and wet. Dry and hot, wet and hot. and sometimes they alternative daily.
It wrecks your voice sometimes. And for someone like me, leaves me sickly during rainy seasons.

5 years ago

It’s funny because Im In Colorado and there isn’t a speck of snow.

Reply to  jit80209
5 years ago

Same here, and I’m in North Dakota

Reply to  Callista
5 years ago

Me too! Great winter so far.

5 years ago

Hope Miss Turner’s boyfriend catches him/her at the classroom and takes her to dinner.

5 years ago

He should have gone as Christina! Then she could simply play herself off as a new student! Holly’s gonna take over if he stays that way too long!

5 years ago

No Chris! This cannot possibly end well!

5 years ago

Chris should think about who he mite get in trouble ,Maybe he should go as Jessica and then if he get caught Holly will be safe.

5 years ago

he’s really starting to go down a slippery slope, he should just study more and get his grade honestly.

5 years ago

I think he would have a lot less incoming problems if he went as Christine, for so many reasons.

Reply to  0bserver
5 years ago

I think he was just that thinking that he wouldn’t be able to get in as Christina since she doesn’t technically go to the school.

Patty Dual
5 years ago

New subscriber here, first post… loving your work, Foxx 😉
Possibilities on this plot are endless! Just imagining if ALL his male underwear get lost somehow while he is in female form… 😛

5 years ago

I think if Chris took as much time to study calculus as he is planning on how to change the grade, he would get an A. Jamie never cheated. I was thinking it would be better if he borrowed a piece of Miss Turner’s clothing and suddenly the light bulb would go on in the brain and fully understand the AP Calculus course. BTW, love that the Math teacher is a smart and capable female.