Different Perspectives Deleted Scene 5

By | January 21, 2016

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1 year ago

chris is so jealous and looks like christina will have that debt she owes chris paid back very shortly with interest.

5 years ago

Having read this story through, I just know that our acquaintances need never to fear unemployment. Should they be out of work, intelligence agencies worldwide will literally kill to have them in their service, with these abilities !

6 years ago

I loved it I got to know the characters so well I can now actually come up in my head with things they would say if they were real People

7 years ago

It took me three hours to finish the whole comic and i loved it. Question though are they going to be involved in the war with sapphire foxx’s nemesis?

5 years ago

I wouldn’t doubt it. You don’t make a growing connected universe without planning to have them fight back. Trust me. I know my comics, fantasy and superheroes

4 years ago

I cant go to sleep at night without binge reading and watching all the animations daily. Its fun even when i only get a xiyokw id giyea akwwo.

Reply to  QTpi
4 years ago

Hi. My handle is QTpi and i an a foxxaholic… i hope that doesnt sound weird. Jk.?

7 years ago

This sequence certainly raise the question of ‘when does the body rest?’ Also, Chris is letting Christina have time ‘in the drivers’ seat’ so that she can do his homework. This could affect Chris mentally in the long run. Fortunately, this situation didn’t last too long.

7 years ago

Actually, this kind of raises some cool metaphysical issues related to ancient male-female spirituality. If you look at Hindu mythology for instance, you’ll see how their diety Shiva is half male and female. There are many more examples of the male and female energy complementing and completing the whole. … Well, enough of that stuff!!!

Reply to  Quarrla
7 years ago

Good point!

Fuck you
7 years ago

its gonna be undercover agent

7 years ago

I thought there was a deleted scenes where Chris try on his mom night wear