Cinder Isle Page 497

By | April 8, 2020

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30 Comments on "Cinder Isle Page 497"

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1 hour 45 minutes ago

Can I admit that it’s refreshing to see a tasteful artwork of overweight people? I’m really impressed.

7 hours 10 minutes ago

Seriously? Zoey and Gavin were still keeping it secret after all this time? Why?

7 hours 48 minutes ago

“Calling the kettle metal?” Ummmm what?

7 hours 17 minutes ago

He messed up “the pot calling the kettle black”

4 hours 58 minutes ago

I got that, I just found it cringy

10 hours 28 minutes ago

Emily email me

11 hours 8 minutes ago

Zoey, for someone who did not wanted to wear girls clothes. That a short, short skirt.

7 hours 49 minutes ago

I know!! So glad she’s embracing her femininity. I know if I were gifted a body like that I’d dress as girly as possible!

11 hours 17 minutes ago

Keep packing on the pound’s.

12 hours 43 minutes ago

hope they keep gaining!

13 hours 11 minutes ago

Finally seeing a pattern, huh? Maybe they’ll stop bullying.

1 hour 55 minutes ago

hopefully not too soon ^ ^…… least not her >.>

13 hours 32 minutes ago

Does Sandra have feelings for Gavin?

7 hours 13 minutes ago

Shes dating Natalie though

13 hours 34 minutes ago

Hay I’m Gay And Proud #LESBIAN

13 hours 42 minutes ago

This would be a perfect time for that Simpson’s character to cameo and do his patented ” Heea-haaw” sound….

14 hours 36 minutes ago

I keep wanting to feel sorry for those two, but they make it so difficult

14 hours 51 minutes ago

This reminds me of my favorite version of the “pot calling kettle black” idiom. (from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged 56)

*ring ring* “Hello, this is Pot.”
“Hi, it’s me, Kettle.”
“Oh hi Kettle, what’s going on?”
“I just like to say that you’re black.”
“Well, I like to say I’ve been fucking your wife. Well, well…”

8 hours 2 minutes ago

I’m glad someone else was thinking what I was thinking 🤣

15 hours 15 minutes ago

For a moment, I thought this would start a cat fight between Zoey and Bridget

15 hours 20 minutes ago

Weird question…will the Harlequin ghost undo her curse on these two? At the rate that they’re going, she’s gonna blimp up to 300 lbs in no time.

15 hours 4 minutes ago

Agreed, as terrible as those two are, nobody deserves to die from being overweight which can lead to heart disease and lack of breath. I’m not saying they’re good people, but would you like to be in that situation yourself?

11 hours 34 minutes ago

Although a ‘kitchen witch’ is a doll, it is exemplified of those who practice good witchcraft. Under Scandavian rules, I am a 6th generation ‘køkkenheks’ (or kitchen witch). We are good people and practice good magic and juju to those who need our help. Although I am not a practicing one, I can still sense those who are.

Again with the curse, there is no reason to carry this on. As negative as it may be, they don’t deserve it. It’s black magic, and is not going to bode well with those who understand wicca.

11 hours 39 minutes ago

No, I would not. I believe in forgiveness. It appears that they’ve not learned their lessons to bully; however, when you curse someone, it comes back threefold. As someone who is a descendant of witches (kitchen witches mind you; we’re the good ones), you NEVER curse someone unless you are willing to pay the price. Obviously, Harlequin doesn’t care; however, she’s trying to prove a point. At some point in time, she should stop the curse. It would prevent her from moving on. Curses are black magic – plain ‘n simple. Never wish ill deeds onto someone. It comes back… Read more »

1 hour 47 minutes ago

Isn’t this whole thing a curse though? The curse will probably be lifted once the mystery is solved, but I think they’d have to work to get back into shape. That said, true natures can take over and cause them to be just as big of bullies despite the change in their social status.

The Harlequin is shown to have a kind side, but she also picked on “Red” before as well (she did the same thing to him, only much faster). I doubt she’d snap them back to normal unless they did something drastically selfless.

11 hours 33 minutes ago

Mind you…there is *always* a price…usually in blood.