Cinder Isle Page 349

By | November 12, 2019

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The Emerald Panther
8 months ago

Could Mistress stay out during daylight hours if she has a person to possess for that time?
Corded phones, the one thing I don’t miss from the 90’s.
Cinder Isle is already longer than Godmother, with Shifting Roommates and Fractured to follow suit in a few days.
Chase could get some unexpected homework from the principal soon.

Levi D Dalv
8 months ago

Diva? Is another ghost coming?

8 months ago

whos the Diva? She?

Paul Sell
Reply to  cartoonishbimbo
8 months ago

Keep in mind that the ghosts might not go by the same names that Zoey and her friends call them. It’s possible that we’ve already met the Diva.

Reply to  cartoonishbimbo
8 months ago

The Diva will probably be what Gavin and Co called the Starlet

Reply to  kinglink
8 months ago

Don’t tell me the Starlet / Diva change the principal’s clothes to make her look flattering to seducing Chase and then the actress return to the Underwood Forest to be luckily found Zoey and her friends to put them in the movie.

8 months ago

Ok now I’m really worried about chase and the principal.

8 months ago

I wonder how Diva fit’s into this .I hope that Chase stays the honorable person that we all love.

Reply to  jimmyinwhite
8 months ago

Chase: I’m sorry Principal Harpswell, we can’t be together because I have a girlfriend and you have a wife to take care of. Please understand, I don’t want to part of this affair.

Maybe the Mistress let Chase go with no 2 weeks of detention and follow him until he reunited with Daphne as the right opportunity to possess her.

Damian Kaiser-Crompton
8 months ago

hm… I wonder what will happen to chase it seems it is not only one ghost that will be present… and a diva? oh my… this should become interessting… But one dumb question: why… if the ghost who possessed the principal enjoys to “live” again… why not possess “her” for ever?… the ghost could also, if she’d rathe also restart child hood, try and possess Patricia or some other girl/”girl”… that would actually be pretty sweet :3 But if not in this comic… maybe in a other one or in an animation (like “ghost bride”) I really enjoy transformations triggered… Read more »

8 months ago

These ghosts are nocturnal

8 months ago

Detention LONG after school has ended! Now, how does Mistress get him to be unfaithful to his girlfriend? How do you explain Principal Harpswell’s unfaithfulness to her wife, in case Chase asks?

JD Washington
8 months ago

Day 200. Darkness Falls… There’s definitely a lot of shit that’s about to happen. First this detention thing, then there’s also the gang investigating the ghosts in the forest. I think these 2 events will happen at the same time…