Cinder Isle Page 12

By | December 10, 2018

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42 Comments on "Cinder Isle Page 12"

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44 minutes 42 seconds ago

This makes the bubonic plague look like the sniffles.

1 hour 41 minutes ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried to hit on Zach.

2 hours 22 minutes ago

I really hope manhood goes bye bye tomorrow

2 hours 53 minutes ago

Yea, this is getting interesting…

2 hours 56 minutes ago

Interesting, we see that the clothes change along with the physical changes, But as Zack shrinks he starts to change his entire posture while walking, now this could have been done as artistic choice to convey the changes or is the virus starting to effect mental aspects as well?

3 hours 23 minutes ago

Well Zackia’s changes are speeding up and covering a lot more ground now. I hope tomorrow she suddenly has huge bouncing and jiggling tits tomorrow and she now has long hair down past her now tiny waist and a girl’s face and voice, and hope her top becomes tight and low cut and her pants become a miniskirt and her shoes become high heels. When do her two friends start their changes to girlhood? And when does Bruce (or Brucie) and her bully friend start becoming girls also. And what will happen to the natural born girls if they get… Read more »

2 hours 52 minutes ago

I D K ??

3 hours 25 minutes ago

I think this comic may have given us the fastest transformation in the comic ever

4 hours 9 minutes ago

oh dear… zack aint gonna be pleased….
I got the feeling that Gavin will catch the “flue” if he stays to close to zack much longer 😀
I really HOPE Gavin will become one of the “new” girl in town

4 hours 33 minutes ago

Is her name Zoey?

4 hours 14 minutes ago

Or Kary?

44 minutes 1 second ago

Or Carrie?

4 hours 36 minutes ago

Getting a hour Glass figure.

4 hours 36 minutes ago

With this rate he won`t recognize by the teacher or his other classmates as well. I has hoped he didn`t changed in this speed. A more queer looking version of himself would be more funny.

4 hours 48 minutes ago

Next Page: Face, Page After: Titties.

4 hours 42 minutes ago

Based on the Pattern of 1 change per page.

4 hours 57 minutes ago

I like the fact Zack isn’t noticing the changes.

4 hours 58 minutes ago

It’s always so funny to see everyone around notice more than the one it’s actually happening to.

5 hours 16 minutes ago

Wow, that was quite a change in just a few steps. Zach’s starting to look cute, just the big boobs and she’ll be a hot. I imagine make up will also be magically applied to the face just as the nail polished. I guess the long hair will come last. It’ll be funny to see Gavin, Zach and Shane all hanging out as girlfriends with skirts and sandals and not as buddies in jeans ans sneakers, yet all riding their bikes down the street.