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Godmother Page 18

“Grayson was pissed about having to work late to do a favor for his friend, but he’s suddenly fine with it once he lays eyes on the beautiful blonde he’s working with.” The best part of any birthday is spending time with family. I'm glad to spend mine with Mama Fox and Papa Fox. — SapphireFoxx (@TheSapphireFoxx)… Read More »

Godmother Page 17

“Oliver nearly has everything he needs for his audition as Caroline tomorrow, except for one thing. He just needs a modeling book as a portfolio, so he calls his photographer friend Grayson.”

Godmother Page 16

“Oliver twists his ankle while trying to walk in heels. Good thing thing Lorraine has the power to heal his injury. However, Oliver has a lot of information to take in, and politely asks Lorraine to leave.” Ashes to Ashes Episode 3 is out now!