Awakening VI: Brutality

By | January 7, 2018

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126 Comments on "Awakening VI: Brutality"

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12 hours 51 minutes ago

This one just became my favorite from all of the awakening animations

3 days 15 hours ago

Blood 😨😨😨

5 days 13 hours ago

oh alastairs pissed

10 days 21 hours ago

Remake of Sweet Dreams and the return of the main character from Widows Web…AWESOME!!!

13 days 10 hours ago


13 days 12 hours ago

Ok I’m not really happy with Nora going down like this sure the knife was moved along the floor and stabbed her in the back but she was a sapphire mage confronted by an unknown construct in her house when she is aware of Alistairs strength. If I were in that situation first thing I’d do is either shield and keep it up or better yet teleport further than the mysterious mage can travel.

13 days 8 hours ago

Nope! Apparently everyone thinks it’s cool she did jack and shit all to defend herself from an intruder in her house. Hooray for not giving a shit!


13 days 16 hours ago

My computer settings won’t let me see the recordings for some reason if anyone knows how to reset them please help.

14 days 1 hour ago

Man, things are getting intense now.

14 days 9 hours ago

i love how this animation is secretly a remake of “Sweet Dreams”

14 days 17 hours ago

Finally he finds out!

14 days 17 hours ago

Simply fantastic
What masterpiece reonce

I am on fire
If a history TG shows sometimes a nastier bad side!!!
With control of thought excels sexily conversions

Would never have thought the this story me once thus in then spell pulls

Big thanks in then doers of this work

14 days 17 hours ago


15 days 9 hours ago

Sylvana would have a rude awakening if she ever met Krystalman.

15 days 15 hours ago

What i don’t get how is Shifting Roomate from 2012 to 2017??

15 days 13 hours ago

The entirety of “Shifting Roommates” takes place over the course of 3,000 days. The start of its timeline begins on the day Jamie and Scott first meet in 2012 and ends on day 3,000 on Page 351 in 2017. Granted, the majority of “Shifting Roommates” takes place in the first year of its timeline, but the comic does skip ahead several years in the last 50 pages or so.

15 days 12 hours ago

Also doesn’t it show Jamie and Scott with kids?? memory ain’t the greatest but thought there was a little red-headed toddler at the end of the series, so it would have skipped a few years to show those events.. Jamie was also in Doing Business As, which is much later as well

15 days 16 hours ago

This was a real curve ball ??? I do not think any of us expected this ,