No Hard Feelings Redux

By | July 17, 2019

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D The Weeb
20 days ago

And Mark is a rapist ontop of being a regular shitstain. How nice!

D The Weeb
20 days ago

The option should be Lesbians

1 month ago

Most magic users are aware of the law of three, which says that what you do unto others will came back to you three times. What was done to Eric will come back on the spell caster, in some way, three times. Unless the spell is crafted in such a way that the effects reverse automatically after a set period of time. Everyone gets their memories back, Eric becomes a man, and Mark is demoted, People will also be aware of what Mark did, and will treat him accordingly. The spell caster carried out the wishes of the person who… Read more »

Reply to  scootwhoman
1 month ago

Rule of 3 is a good idea. Eric becoming a man again after a year is a good idea. Mark becoming a woman (1x), even lower title in worse position (2x), and Eric’s very personal assistant and getting pregnant (3x) is what I’d do.

1 month ago

Erica hooks up with the Mark’s boss after comforting him after the death of is wife, Mark flies into a rage and the therapy suggested by Erica is a special secret retreat where Mark’s transformation into a woman is a slow burn and he has to do it or be fired from the mailroom or end up at a strip club. Erica becomes the bosses wife and mother to his kids.

1 month ago

I honestly want a o see more of this black market magic dealer stuff it’s very cool and can help inspire more videos that don’t revolve around the fox for transformations

2 months ago

The only thing that could backfire on Mark is if somebody came into the office and saw Mark’s manhood extending way beyond how it should be and they demand an explanation. Mark will try to nervously explain himself but that person won’t fall for it and remind him there is no sexual harassment (or if it’s something else disallowed in the workplace) allowed in the office. Mark in his desperation would physically touch the trinket without meaning to, causing everything to completely backfire on him (the trinket will return to Eric to normal and make Mark a girl since the… Read more »

2 months ago

you think there will be a beyond comic about this?

3 months ago

When is part 2

4 months ago


7 months ago

yeah, if only people could be changed like that with trinkets, then again, i would be one to be having too much fun changing those who have done me wrong in the places i have worked. ha ha ha.

10 months ago

Sexual harrasment should not go unpunished. There should be a part 2.

D The Weeb
Reply to  Melanie_2nd
20 days ago

You mean sexual assault

11 months ago

100% my favourite one so far, forget part 2, let’s have a mini series?! Would like to see Mark get a dose of his own medicine and Erica continue to explore being a woman. So much scope. Please continue this

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  Starsailorzepp
11 months ago

*squeals* YES! Wholeheartedly agree 😍😍😍

11 months ago

I know it’s a one shot but can you make a 2 part plz

11 months ago

It’s interesting to see the change in animation, and how the story is more developed than it used to be. I’m glad to see the years have added to your ability for animation and writing. I would also like to compliment on the story further: Creating a villain isn’t always an easy thing to do, especially to portray said villain to the full extent of intention. By looking at some of the comments here, I can tell you’ve managed to create emotional reactions from the audience, which is truly a sign of a well-made character. Hat’s off to you!

11 months ago

This needs a rape trigger warning.
I really don’t come here for rape scenes.

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  jimspider13
10 months ago

(There’s no rape in the video)

D The Weeb
Reply to  Brooke Noelle
20 days ago

There’s an allusion to rape tho..

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  D The Weeb
10 days ago

Allusion to rape =/= rape

Last edited 10 days ago by Brooke Noelle