Will there be free content?

This website is my career, and this business supports the livelihoods of the team of people I employ. The subscribers are what pays our bills and allows us to make a career out of what we love doing. We aren’t phantoms on the Internet, we’re real people with families to support.

Releasing the subscriber content for free would greatly reduce the number of subscribers to the site because there would be no reason to pay if content ended up getting released for free. Please don’t recommend using donations instead because that would be completely impractical or sustaining. How would that be fair to expect other people to pay so that you can see it for free?

The subscribers are not just paying the bills, but it’s allowing us to create better content by investing in better software, equipment, and an employee. The art quality has greatly improved since the subscriptions were started, and many users out there will vouch for that.

I’m sorry if you are unable to pay, or can’t afford a subscription. I did make subscriptions as cheap as I possibly could, only $5.99 a month, so that could be affordable to the vast majority of people out there. If you are unable to pay, I’m trying to open new alternatives to PayPal by integrating other merchant services. You can now subscribe by sending cash or a check in the mall, so please check out this page for more information.

I’m sorry the content can’t be free anymore, but I hope this page will give you a second opinion. You can enjoy great TG content, and help support nearly a dozen people do what they love for a living, all for the price of a sandwich. I would greatly appreciate if you reconsidered on becoming a subscriber.

Thank you,
-Sam Mokler, AKA, SapphireFoxx