Crossplay 1

By | September 29, 2013



“A guy wants to go cosplaying with his girlfriend, however he doesn’t like the idea she comes up with. He reluctantly agrees to crossplay (cosplay as the opposite gender). After he goes through an extensive makeover, he ends up liking the results…. Well, REALLY liking the results.”

Guess what? Something that ISN’T a commission! This is based on a comic by one my favorites on DA, Spawnfan. I rarely animate other people’s work, but I am really enjoying this comic and I thought it deserved to be animated. If you want to see how the story continues, here’s the link for all the Crossplay pages so far!. I thought this would be a quick and easy project, but it took at least twice the hours I expected. I don’t mind, but there goes my whole long weekend.

Because of that, I may not do the next part for a long time. That and because I am behind on commissions. As Spawnfan has said, this is not meant to be realistic (if it was, I’d have her dress me up anytime). Also, I did a more ‘cartoony’ style this time, but don’t think that I’m doing things this way from now on. I just wanted to follow the style of the original comic.

As one last point I want to make, I know many of you aren’t the biggest fan of crossdressing TG where the guy doesn’t actually transform. I think it’s good to branch out every once and a while to do something new. Besides, I can’t satisfy everyone all the time. In the end, who knows what will happen because the comic is still a work in progress.

Crossplay 2
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1 year ago

Need sound effects

2 years ago

I hope SpawnFan continues it some day. I’d like to see where things go between conventions lasting more than just one night and how the friends interact.

4 years ago

This was the one that did it to me. I felt so many new amazing feelings, wishing that was me and I just realized that’s me. I love this clip sooo much ❤️

Miss Laura
Reply to  Abby
2 years ago

Same girl ❤️

RaNd0Mk1D8o3I: SapphireFoxxSins
6 years ago

Kinda jealous. I wish I had a girlfriend like that, lol

7 years ago

Porque no puedo ver la de cosplay 1

7 years ago

I’m I the only one that notices the fox watching them

7 years ago

I am new to the site and have seen cross play 1 & 2 by spawn fan on youtube. I have only just now seen the animations but missed the first one. Any chance of reposting?

8 years ago

And if you can upload for the chapter 1 of crossplay