You Don’t Need Them

“A guy is frustrated with his lack of luck at picking up women at the bar. After speaking some poorly chosen words, maybe he won’t need those women after all.”

This is a commission for someone who would like to remain anonymous.

84 thoughts on “You Don’t Need Them

      1. Profile photo of Larissa FrostLarissa Frost

        The guys who put ads up on this site did not approve of “Adult Content” so Sapphire had to take it down otherwise he’d lose the advertising deal that keeps this site running.

  1. Profile photo of andreasranmaandreasranma

    At the moment, unfortunately, the Orginal is deactivated
    My suggestion
    Enlarged registration videos a for the uncensored one?

    Das Orginal ist ja momentan leider deaktiviert
    Mein Vorschlag
    Eine erweiterte Registrierung für die unzensierte Videos?


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