You Don’t Need Them


  • Bunny Time

  • Wish In The Classroom

  • A New Uniform

  • That’s Not What I Ordered

“A guy is frustrated with his lack of luck at picking up women at the bar. After speaking some poorly chosen words, maybe he won’t need those women after all.”

This is a commission for someone who would like to remain anonymous.

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Profile photo of jacquelicia
9 hours 32 minutes ago

where’s the extend version?

Profile photo of potatosoup
3 days 9 hours ago

Uncensored please.. (ㅠ_ㅠ)

Profile photo of mountford
17 days 8 hours ago

Miss Fox
I haven’t check this one out for sometime time and when watching it I was disappointed to see that you have censored it :-(
Is there any chance of watching the original?

Profile photo of Hahaha
1 month 20 days ago


Profile photo of Sam Turton
2 months 26 days ago

I wish the fox was real and I had it

Profile photo of AlphaZoroark
3 months 13 days ago

What happened to the extended version? Just curious.

Profile photo of ThePrinceThatTG'd
3 months 14 days ago

sapphire fox can i you to make some sort of princess themed ones plz i don’t have cash but plz as a request?

Profile photo of ThePrinceThatTG'd
3 months 14 days ago

this is cool i like it

Profile photo of danclay
6 months 2 days ago

I wish that fox was real :(

Profile photo of R
3 months 21 days ago

I like that our world is solid

Profile photo of DYnoJackal19
9 months 22 days ago

where’s the extended, uncensored version?

Profile photo of Travcore
9 months 30 days ago

Are you going to make more of this sexual unsencored animations here on this site????

Profile photo of Daniel Sawatsky
9 months 30 days ago

it should be on for moblie devices to
please put up a link sapphirefoxx

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