Sweet Dreams


  • Bunny Time

  • You Take It, You Wear It

  • Stealing From Sis 1-5: The Transformation

  • Wish In The Classroom

A guy gets an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night, then gets an even more unexpected morning.

Hope you enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Profile photo of MattBMattB

    this is one of the first animations Foxx made, her animating skills have improved since then and its very evident. makes me wish she would remake them and add more of a story with them. this and a wish in a classroom could make some great animations or even series

  2. Profile photo of Dragon79Dragon79

    nice video.

    I wish that happening to me. but i know it’s can’t. I like this video a lot.

    What a lucky guy In this video. Went to bed and wake as a hot looking girl.

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