Transition Update 3 – Day 91: Losing Confidence

By | August 19, 2015


Hello all. I’m now three months into hormones, and four months into electrolysis. I haven’t done an update in a while for two reasons, A) there has been next to no changes so far, and B) I’ve been getting a lot of bad news about the transition lately.

I’ll start with the changes, since there isn’t much to say there. The only noticeable physical change I’ve had so far is that my nipples have become swollen and sore to touch. As for other things like fat redistribution, emotional changes, breast growth, facial changes, ect, there’s been none of that. I know it’s still early, but it’s discouraging to be no different than I was at the start three months ago.

As for the reason I’m losing confidence in the transition, it’s because of a lot of bad news I’ve gotten about electrolysis, and body hair removal in general. I originally thought it would take 6 to 8 months for the electrolysis to remove my facial hair, and then I planned on doing electrolysis on other parts of my body. However, the electrolysis will actually take two years or more just to do my facial hair (at my current rate of four hours per week, which is a lot). If it takes 2+ years just to do my face, relying on electrolysis for the rest of my body isn’t feasible because that might take a decade or two.

My only other options for removing my body hair is laser hair removal, or simply relying on the hormones to thin it out. However, standard lasers do absolutely nothing on redheads. I’ve heard about a few alternate forms of laser that might work, but all the research I’ve done is wildly inconsistent about whether or not any alternate form of laser works on redheads at all. Some say it works fine, others say it will do nothing. The same goes for my research on hormones effecting body hair, because the effect on body hair is just as inconsistent in what I’ve read from research and other transgenders.

At this point I don’t know what to do anymore. I simply can’t transition if there’s no way to remove my body hair, and I have no solution for it. I would really like to hear from any transgenders out there who have light colored hair (red, blonde, gray), and find out what, if anything, worked for their body hair.

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4 years ago

Don’t go with nor even take a consultation with any of those chain/franchise laser places. They are a ripoff and they won’t be truthful about potential results and quite frankly I would question the full honesty of an electrologist about various hair removal methods. Seek a real medical dermatology facility owned and staffed by MD Dermatologists that advertises that they are experts and specialists in all skin related uses of lasers including hair removal and that they have invested in the most state-of-the-art laser devices and they know how to use them. You will know you have found such a… Read more »

Ashlyn Creamher
4 years ago

Took me 9 months before I felt comfortable with myself

Try focussing on things you enjoy most – time goes by faster when you’re having fun 😉

4 years ago

First things first. I’m Black. When I first started my hair removal process, I was told that due to me being Black, any kind of hair removal that I wanted to do was going to be not easy. Hair for us Black people grows under the skin in a curls, thus making it very hard for it to be rid of permanently. With all of that being said, I was then told that I should do laser hair removal first in order to lighten the load, and then do electrolysis next to get rid of whatever was left over. So… Read more »

4 years ago

Hi Fox My name is Amanda . I am 36 Years old, You can find me on Facebook Amanda Lynn Blackwell. If I can transition any one can. I know you want it to be like in your animations, but the reality of it all it takes time and patience..Just take your transition one day at a time.. Love life for the moment and who you are becoming,, Love Amanda

4 years ago

start wearing make-up and nail polish girl

4 years ago

SF. What’s the update on your transition? What’s new with it?

Pirate Billie
4 years ago

I have been with my t-gel friend for three years now. I have met a lot of her friends and about the only thing that would hurry things along at your early stage would be an orchiectomy

4 years ago

Don’t lose hope! That’s all we have sometimes. The hair on your body WILL thin itself in time (exception is the crotch.) Just be patient. I know it’s hard to do- we want to be women Yesterday. I’ve been on HRT nearly 3 years and I am very happy with the results so far.

As far as those changes go, are you on oral, topical, or injectable estrogen? Injectable works the fastest by FAR, if you can stand the needles.

Be well!

4 years ago

I from one of the “old school” on transitioning 2 years will fly. My transition was done about 20 years ago when things were not as great as they are now. The only suggestion I have is do the following: just relax and take a breath. It isn’t all that bad, do things as Samantha such as shopping for food, going to the theatre, discover who you are. Those are the important things to do. Get use of who you will be. Also if you have some areas where you need to work with a therapist it might be a… Read more »

4 years ago

For all the good it is, you have my support Fox. I’m almost at the exact same point in my transition. Don’t lose hope. If you need a voice of support, message me.

4 years ago

What I mean to say is that your present physical foundation appears to very much favor your transition goals. I consider you to be super lucky in that regard and so you should consider some snags as minor pains in the ass which you can most definitely kick one way or another! You’ve already got this!

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
4 years ago

You must realize you have a brilliant advantage in the fact that your frame is modest in size.
It’s like being given a gift.
Be inspired by it to overcome any lesser obstacles!

4 years ago

It is amazing and gratifying to see how much you resemble your fantasy characters! THAT YOU CAN MAKE IT A REALITY IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!!!!

4 years ago

your inner beauty will glow around those who know you.

4 years ago

Just checking in on you sam. How goes the transition? Hope all is well and you haven’t given up.

4 years ago

She’s right, SF. Don’t give up since your transition, your journey has just begun. Impatience defeats, but patience rewards. Day after day, you’ll get close to your goal.