Top It Off

By | January 27, 2020

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23 Comments on "Top It Off"

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25 days 2 hours ago

Anyone know the link or where foxx hid the bit of sarah swearing like a sailor? It was posted somewhere but i cant find it.

26 days 22 hours ago

I really like this story. I would like to see a story with Christina (and possibly Derrick). We know what her brother Chris and Isabelle are up to, so what about Christina?

28 days 7 hours ago

Hey, thats a pretty cool new voice actress. Looking forward to hearing her more often 😀

29 days 2 hours ago

One thing I noticed was that they didn’t extract the curse from Hayden/Audrey.

28 days 6 hours ago

Eh it probably happened offscreen.

29 days 23 hours ago

Aaaaw such a sweet story :3
I wish both of them good luck… and I do hope that the “spoiler” Chris talked about will happen 😉

30 days 13 hours ago

This is now in the top 2 of my favorite One-Shots.
It’s nice to see Chris and Isabelle again, it’s icing on the cake for me.
Emily is doing a very good job writing these One-Shots, I’m excited to see more in the future.
Are any of the previous One-Shots going to be extended into a miniseries?

30 days 16 hours ago

the honeymoon will be glorious.

30 days 16 hours ago

I can’t help but wonder who those people on photo are. I’m sure they’re just some random people

30 days 17 hours ago

Oh, man. That was so heartwarming all around. I love it!!

30 days 18 hours ago

Aw! So sweet and romantic. Plus, Audrey is so pretty and beautiful, though it’s a little hard to tell with her work uniform on. Maybe we could get a pin up of her in a sexy dress or at least a pin up of her in regular street clothes.

30 days 22 hours ago

I loved it too! Feel good story with a happy ending! Reminds me of the clay modeller stands up well on its own! And romantic too! Very happy member! 🤗 made me smile! Inside as well as outside! Big thumbs up! 👍

30 days 23 hours ago

I agree with your assessment of one shots, some have a lot of potential for more animations, such as cheater’s punishment kinda left us hanging. I would love it if you could do a couple more animations on that one.

1 month 4 minutes ago

That was a great one shot and excellent premise

1 month 1 hour ago

Great one shot story line! You’re sister really has got a knack for short story telling.
Side note, damn Izzy looking good in this episode !! Hope to see more of her 😊

1 month 2 hours ago

Very nice pick-me-up on a cloudy day.