Shifting Roommates Page 167

By | March 31, 2014

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4 days ago

well scott finally tells jamie about him and barbarba . how will jamie react .

4 years ago

Mmmm *puts on riot face shield *….ok can tell her now

8 years ago

Sounds like the SF needs to steal barb’s heterosexuality next.

Shadow Doctrine
8 years ago

Again I say it’s far too interesting with Jamie retaining some male role. Scott did the right thing to ask Jamie to dance with him. Jamie and Scott circumstance are very confusing?
The SF is crafty to drive us all wild with anticipation of “what next?” Scott will explain his true feeling to Jamie and just maybe Jamie will open up to Scott.

8 years ago

If you turn jamie in to a girl no matter what he is going to be a he plz dont do that

Shadow Doctrine
Reply to  Keivarae
8 years ago

Good point

8 years ago

Just want to say I love the back of Jamie’s hair. I hope you can get the side views of Scott and Jamie to match that quality 🙂

8 years ago

…Hum, well not quite the scenario I was hoping for, but it makes sense. Kind of curious of what will happen next, I’m also wondering if knowledge of Vin DiCarlo’s “Escalation Ladder” might help Scott but I don’t think I can post something that powerful here.

8 years ago

god ….don’t make jamie an asshole……

Levi D Dalv
8 years ago

Jamie will soon become interested in men, but only when the drive kicks in and women can’t do anything to satisfy it. Scott is in trouble Barbara has to ditch Scott, but Scott wants Barbara….How will he react to Barbara’s transformation.

Stephanie McCullough
Reply to  Levi D Dalv
8 years ago

Women can do everything a man can do and even better to keep us satisfied in the bedroom. thats why alot of us or lesbian. we don,t need men only if we want to have kids. And even at that we can get some fella to gave us it in a tub. So if Jamie did become lesbian she would have just as much if not more fun in the bedroom not that she will become lesbian that,s the whole idea of this story.

8 years ago

thank you , Jamie is still a man on the inside and still loves women but he is so sexy

8 years ago

Jamie’s boobs start to grow bigger and she turns full female and her female sex drive takes over and jumps on Scott one night and they make hot made love and Scott thinks its just one of his dreams and then he wakes up the next morning in bed with Jamie

8 years ago

The picture that was left has never been seen. Obviously it will be a final reveal when the series wraps up.

8 years ago

And to think the fox cut off the most girlifing influence on Jamie… Barbara… !!

8 years ago

Hope she’s pissed and moves out. Its reasonable and she’s getting a much better job.

8 years ago

Heh heh very good. How will Jamie react? ^^
Maybe if his new male hormones increasing and foreign girls begin flirting with him in front of Jamie.
And he still looks like a school boy. This guy need a full beard. Jamie as male has a beard shadow too. So it would make sense if Scott wakes up with a full outgrown beard.