Crossplay 3

  “John and Amy arrive at the convention and, as Amy predicted, John quickly starts getting hit on by the guys there. How will John cope with being a busty babe in high heels and a revealing outfit while attracting the attention of every man there?” Part 3 for Crossplay. This one is mainly about John and Amy’s… Read More »

Shifting Roommates Page 1

So this is certainly a first for me: a comic series! =O This is a story I’ve wanted to do for a while, but it’s so long that it would be completely impractical to make as an animation. This will also be my first gradual TG transformation, as in one that takes months before it’s all done. Don’t… Read More »

Site was shutdown briefly

In case you were having issues accessing the website earlier, it was shut down for a couple of hours by my hosting company. Apparently the site has grown so large, that they shut it down because it taking up so much server bandwidth. I was able to put in a temporary fix, but I will need to find… Read More »

Stealing From Sis 11

“Just like her brother before her, the real Mariah has been turned into an exact copy of her twin. Why has the Fox swapped these sibling’s bodies, and what will happen to them?”   Hey everyone, here’s the start of Stealing From Sis SEASON 2! I’m sorry for how long it’s taken for this chapter to be released,… Read More »