Different Perspectives Page 94

By | January 3, 2015

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1 year ago

i have this funny feeling that his parents don’t know that the hook up with holly is just a ruse to throw them off track of what his real purpose for going to the mall is . wonder how will the secret shopping trip go for chris .

6 years ago

Thongs need to be included more often

8 years ago

It would be really cool if being around women that he has transformed into for extended periods of time made their consciousness fight the surface. Almost like his inner girl(s?) would be able to sense they were by their counterpart.

8 years ago

Pretty sure women with large butts don’t often wear wedgie undies, except when they want to show off.

8 years ago

it’s a sexy back.

8 years ago

It is taking shorter time for the female side to show .

8 years ago

Its not so much that sitting crossed leg comes naturally to a girl Chris its that they grow up learning to keep their legs together. I remember one teacher in highschool telling us when you go to a job interview keep your legs together and slanated to the side as crossing can inadvertantly flash the person interviewing you.

8 years ago

Whoa, mom’s in a sexy dress tonight? Is she planning a date with her beau?