Different Perspectives Page 83

By | December 23, 2014

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9 months ago

oh chris what have you gotten yourself into changing into and out women in public restrooms . boy let’s hope that the people in that bookstore keep to themselves .

8 years ago

If he needs will power to change back how did he get back control last time? Last time he lost control he was not even aware he had lost it and was shopping for hours.

Reply to  Compudemon
8 years ago

He snapped out of it after something unusual happened.

8 years ago

What if someone steals the purse before Chris can change back?

What if ‘Jessica’ has her mother’s shopping gene and Chris is in for a fashion show?

What if the bathroom is out-of-order or there is a long line (like that has never happened outside a Ladies room before)?

8 years ago

there is a good idea of a backlash from all that transformations, that when he goes back to the clothes he bought, eventually he will turn into a female with the equivalent of all three females, causing Chris into stronger female impulses

Shadow Doctrine
8 years ago

That’s amazing cool Jessica/Chris wasn’t too comfortable playing footie with his friend Derrick. Perhaps Chris really wanted to be Jessica? Chris is already having dreamy thoughts about his friend huge…
I don’t believe Chris can control it anymore because it’s like addiction.
I feel sorry for the real Jessica meets up

Shadow Doctrine
Reply to  Shadow Doctrine
8 years ago

Excellent story 🙂

Levi D Dalv
8 years ago

Now that Chris is in control, what trouble did he cause being Jessica in the long run and how will he control the female powers.

8 years ago

Still wonder what would happen if Chris used brand new clothes bought by himself, not as another woman (i.e when he bouth them as Scarlet). I assume he would turn into a female version of himself, and as himself, it would be his own female mind instead of another woman’s personality, and maybe he wouldn’t have the urge to switchback

8 years ago

What is the real Jessica going to do with Derrick being so mad with her cause of what Chris did.