Different Perspectives Page 363

By | September 28, 2015

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1 year ago

chris, christina, jessica, isabel, and her mom have a ton of questions that they would like answered . i hope that they can get the answers from chris and jessica’s birth father.

3 years ago

I thought they would just make a construct and give it a human soul- that being christina

Reply to  Domen
3 years ago

She wouldn’t be able to lead a full life as a construct, plus something would have to continually power it.

8 years ago

foxx can you still keep the idea of being able to change bodie ans sex

8 years ago

I think this story could easily lead to a minimum of 600 pages… How many pages are you willing to let this go for before say a sequel or something?

8 years ago

I am liking the story more and more, but will we be introduced to powerful sorcerers from other bloodlines that are not Ruby or Sapphire as well as Emerald? There is 9 of them so makes me curious and sort of excited about how the story is going to unfold.

8 years ago

I’m a little nervous about Chris and Holly’s relationship. They haven’t been doing very much together lately.

8 years ago

So what’s with all the neutral colors? I get snow and such, but you’d figure one of them would be in green of purple….Or something! XD

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 years ago

Shameless movie quote XD

Sonja Valentine
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 years ago

I love your sense of humor!

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 years ago

Love the X-Men reference;)

8 years ago

No one is there…their father is Scarlett

Reply to  foxymoxy73
8 years ago

If their father was Scarlett, Isabel would’ve sensed or seen the Mana Mark, no Mana Mark. Why do some people think Scarlett is their father?