Different Perspectives Page 325

By | August 21, 2015

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4 years ago

I’m starting to wonder if Christina was a twin dead in childbirth and his own power subconciously tried to give her a body by making his alter by wearing different clothes.

Reply to  Senko
4 years ago

I like that thought Senko.

4 years ago

How about this for a twist, chris finds miss stewart spare clothes in one of the toilets that she bought and that she forgets to take them home,and they look like the same clothes when she first became that teacher?

4 years ago

i was diagnosed with leukemia at 10 years old and relapse at 15, I got over my fear of needles many years ago

4 years ago

Isabel has grown wiser, I see 😛 Also, I’ve dealt with that many needles in my life that I really couldn’t be fazed any more XD

4 years ago

Chris this maybe a trap! If she can use magic she may make you stuck as a girl.

4 years ago

Knock on door….. “Hey, hurry up in there. I need to go to the bathroom”!

4 years ago

This Comic just got even more interesting again! Great work!

4 years ago

if h turns into her, he will learn magic sorcerer powers with her brain… dang what a cool skill he got. save years in magic training

4 years ago

Isabel is so awesome.

Levi D Dalv
4 years ago

Just because you have two minds, Isabelle needs proof of your curse/enchantment.

Hans Gruber
4 years ago

Would love to know (1) how many different ‘clans’ there are, (2) what the colors signify (if they mean anything), and (3) do the colors have any significance to each other? Meaning, does ‘blue’ signify ‘good’, whereas ‘red’ is ‘bad’, and ‘green’ is ‘neutral’?

Reply to  Hans Gruber
4 years ago

The colors just represent the different bloodlines. I.E, blue is the Foxx’s family, red would probably be Ruby if she had any kids and green belongs to some other family

4 years ago

Don’t forget about Holly, Chris!

Hobo K
4 years ago

To be fair, I bet a majority are bluffing on that poll there about the needles….

Hans Gruber
Reply to  Hobo K
4 years ago

What about needles???

After having a near-terminal illness, and being poked like a pin-cushion for 8 months, you begin to dread needles. I can most definitely state that it is *not* fun, esp. when a needle tip breaks inside your vein!!! I voted ‘yes’, and am *very* afraid of needles…for the record.

4 years ago

Be great if Isabel turned into her guy self after Chris changes into a girl 😉

Jason Hamon
4 years ago

is Chris gonna trun into Isabel sometime?