Cinder Isle Page 167

By | May 14, 2019

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1 month ago

Nemesis: SUNS…

6 months ago

I some situations Zoey is very fast and correct acting. I is very nice to see how protective she is for Gavin!

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
10 months ago

Its always the black man that gets blamed for everything.

Sgt kian
2 years ago

It would of been sexier if he became the version of Jill in the blue tube top and skirt

2 years ago

Hope gave turns into Cinderella or a ballerina

2 years ago

What is with the goofy beret? Oh, and there is a disease where coughing on someone gives them monster huge titties but somehow believing that there are ghosts who murder people is crazy. Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

Reply to  pragmatist
2 years ago

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot indeed.
Hey, at least they didn’t try to call in an airstrike.

Reply to  pragmatist
1 month ago

It’s like that episode of “The Walking Dead ” where Daryl is talking about the legend of Chupacabra and someone says ” You don’t believe in that do you ? ” He snaps backs ” Do you believe the dead can come back to life ?”

2 years ago


2 years ago

Everyone should be wearing masks there don’t you think? Hell look at some Asian country s they wear masks when sick just not to spread it to others.

2 years ago

Jill was not unexpected, but still awesome to see.

Silly question: did Claire Redfield exist in 1996? I know the 1st Resident Evil (where Chris & Jill were introduced) came around this time, but did they get out 2 relatively quickly?

2 years ago

they are quick changers…….no fuk’n around now……..

2 years ago


Hans Gruber
2 years ago

Um…strange question. Why is the military involving itself in local matters? I thought that they were ‘holding the line’ at the bridge. I realize that there was a spontaneous outbreak at the party, but armed military?

Reply to  Hans Gruber
2 years ago

It’s been several weeks. The feds have moved in and are keeping a tight leach on the populace, now.

2 years ago

how come the badges on the uniform are mirrored?

Sonja Valentine
2 years ago

Jill Valentine, called it!

Alaster Boneman
2 years ago

wow Gavin your a better man than most, as im sure a lot of people would try to take advantage of the situation with Zoey there. you can see the wheels turning in his head.

Zoey hugging him to her chest ‘man I could get used to this, but it wouldn’t be right”

Reply to  Alaster Boneman
2 years ago

Pretty much … I would likely forget to say anything for a moment.