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Now Accepting Credit Card Payments Directly!

This is the last part to the series of updates I’ve been doing to the site, and it’s the part I’ve been looking forward to the most. will now accept subscription payments with any valid credit or debit card! On the ‘Become A Subscriber’ page, you can choose between Credit Card or PayPal. The site accepts MasterCard,… Read More »

If your subscription isn’t working

The update to the site has been going well, but some users might still have issues during the coming month. If your subscription isn’t working, one of these three cases has happened: 1) If your subscription was working and has suddenly gone out, this is probably because today is the day your renewing payment happens. I don’t know… Read More »

Working on Fixing Error

UPDATE: It should be fixed now. Please email me if your subscription is still having issues. I’ve been converting the subscription software to a new, better program today, and the conversion is essentially finished at this point. However, I’ve run into an issue where all users whose subscription payment renews between the second and the sixth of… Read More »

Updates to the Site Will Be Over Soon

Sorry about the erratic behavior of the website over the last week. There have been a number of issues of things being turned off or broken like the homepage, the flashes, messages, ect. I’ve been doing a lot of updates and changes to improve the software and performance of the site. Sometimes these changes will negatively affect some… Read More »

The Mobile Update: Big Improvements to the Site

It’s taken over a week to roll everything out, but has gone through it’s biggest update in months. I’m calling it the Mobile Update because it’s focused around greatly improving the site on smart phones and tablets. You can finally watch the animations on the go. Also, there have been some cool upgrades to the site’s galleries… Read More »