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Maker’s Game Page 12

“While Hikaru was busy creating a blue bombshell of an elf avatar, his sister created a male character! Yuzuki wasn’t going to tell herself get sexualized by a game’s overly sexy armor, and instead created a warrior named Terrick. Seems that ‘little sis’ is all grown up now.” I'm pretty sure that 90% of the voice actors I… Read More »

Maker’s Game Page 11

“The blackout to the building was simply a diversion. While everyone was distracted with the power outage, a hacker broke into the main server room of the game. That hacker looks a bit familiar…” It was one year ago today that Fractured first came out. That seems so long ago.

Maker’s Game Page 9

“Talk about an out-of-body experience. Hikaru now has the body of his character, Leena, while his real body gets scanned away into the game system. Although, what’s the big deal about accidentally picking a girl model? You can just log out and make a new one. Right?” Finally back to work today, even if it's shorter days to… Read More »

Maker’s Game Page 7

“It’s weird that a video game would be so accurate with it’s character anatomy. Hm, I wonder if the plumbing down under is fully armed and operational? Oh, and by the way Hikaru, you’ve got boobs now. Although, you probably noticed that yourself. Those things are hard to miss.”

Maker’s Game Page 6

“That’s right Hikaru. That girl with the amazing body you just created is going to be YOU in a matter of moments. Suddenly those huge breasts don’t seem like that good of an idea. Hell, maybe you just should have made a male character.”