Widow’s Web

By | December 27, 2016

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75 Comments on "Widow’s Web"

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Profile photo of Sgt kian
2 days 13 hours ago

this has to be in America so it is going to be a matter of time until ruby’s minions reach Seattle were Isabelle lives I can’t wait to see what happens

Profile photo of coredumperror
1 month 5 days ago

Was not expecting that twist ending. Nicely done!

Profile photo of yumei
1 month 14 days ago

This was particularly well done, partially because I didn’t expect the Sylvana connection, but there were so many hints about it in retrospect.

Profile photo of Agate
1 month 15 days ago

Damn that was dark

Profile photo of Jeremy Huth
1 month 19 days ago

Bye bye ethan.. you are now with your friend david.. evil laugh… hahaha

Profile photo of Salfurion
1 month 20 days ago

Anyone else get turned on by this but also feel bad for the chap? Man good way to end 2016 videos can’t wait for January vids to release!!!!

Profile photo of chasicle
1 month 21 days ago

Best animation in a long time. However, I would have preferred “him” in his new body for a while before his mind changed, watching him struggle in the new body, perhaps gaining control and trying to run or something. Or maybe getting away and telling people what happened to him, only to have people think “she” is crazy.

Oh, and that sucks we didn’t get to see more “play.” Would have been super hot to see sex be the trigger for the transformation.

Profile photo of Qwerty
1 month 21 days ago

Megan, Got DAMN !!!😍

Profile photo of lironbal2
1 month 23 days ago

plz do megan transfromation

Profile photo of Madison J
1 month 24 days ago

Ruby is so much fun! So seductive , even the transformation was so smooth. Voice acting of Megan was really great.

Profile photo of Skydragon
1 month 24 days ago

I wish I could watch this

Profile photo of HA55caps
1 month 24 days ago

That was neat, but I always enjoy them resisting a bit more before caving.

Profile photo of fletch32
1 month 25 days ago

Make more like this

Profile photo of Unitedpilot
1 month 25 days ago

Of course, they’re in the US Now, perfect. Great way to end the year

Profile photo of Alaster Boneman
1 month 25 days ago

I now ruby is insane but surely she must realise if she turns all of man kind into woman then humanity is doomed right?