The Mavericks

By | March 27, 2017

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46 Comments on "The Mavericks"

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Profile photo of skyline1975
2 hours 43 minutes ago

That was a GREAT animation !! Please keep the great work coming !!!

Profile photo of Jen5135
2 hours 54 minutes ago

Disappointed I have tried several times to view the newest video without success on my tablet.

Profile photo of Kotaroinugami9
4 hours 5 minutes ago

Hawt, hawt, hawt….I love the hidden details, makes it more exciting!

Profile photo of UFO DRAMA
11 hours 12 minutes ago

I would have chopped her head off as soon as I got my body back, but that’s just me.

Profile photo of quiter312
12 hours 20 minutes ago

Where’s subtitles?

Profile photo of Jeffknight
13 hours 23 minutes ago

Good for them

Profile photo of ZouHeyIts
19 hours 2 minutes ago

This is now probably the raunchiest animation. I don’t know what I think of it to be honest. Objectively really well done but feel’s like a different product than most other animations here, idk. Still, it’s awesome you decided to expand upon the brilliant original. Great work!

Profile photo of yumei
19 hours 31 minutes ago

Huh, have to admit I wasn’t expecting such a happy ending for everyone.

Profile photo of coredumperror
20 hours 55 minutes ago

Heh, that last scene makes me wonder if anyone’s called them on their fairly blatant use of actual magic. The levitation of Haley I can see being believable as trickery, but the table vanishing and the roses flying, too? That’s going to make some key people pretty suspicious…

Profile photo of thereaper85
19 hours 50 minutes ago

the roses flying by the use of lots of invisible thread, an actual magicians prop, but I agree about the table a lot hard to explain that one, as it just dematerialises, if it had a puff of smoke on the other hand different story.

Profile photo of ScubaSilentWizard
21 hours 55 minutes ago

Hey!! That is second time that does not provide Subtitles! Will you please fix it and make sure it has go with subtitles? Why I pay you to do the work with subtitles like always.

Profile photo of Magicrab
10 hours 58 seconds ago

Scuba… chill dude, they work their asses off trying to get a daily comic page out and three animations per month! Its a ton of work dude, i know because i used to animate.

Profile photo of Ben Peterson
22 hours 6 minutes ago

Conclusion to this series was one of your better conclusion Sam. It was very nicely done I hope from here on out all your conclusions will be like this . Can’t wait for the new story the world tour .

Profile photo of Magicrab
23 hours 3 minutes ago

With the recent Makers Game pages, and this animations, i do see the growing fan service… i do. However, it was a nice conclusion, as two enemies became friends.

Profile photo of m2fantasy
1 day 1 hour ago

Hey, is there any chance of getting the subtitles on here? Thanks!

Profile photo of Vlad Devil
1 day 2 hours ago

Hayley Maverick business partner or wife?

Profile photo of Veteris Ordo Seclorum
1 day 2 hours ago

*first impressions (disregard poor grammar on the first sentence, that was done on purpose)*
Where is captions1?!11? So hard to understand when there\’s a storm outside and no captions!

*reaches sex scene*
Hehehe… no captions needed for that one!!

*reaches sex scene #2*
You had the right roles the first time… hehehe!

*reaches ending*
World tour, eh… interesting. Россия!!