The Mavericks Sketch Scene

By | March 9, 2017

We’ve got a unique preview of the upcoming “The Mavericks”. It was animated by Mimi before she started working on the video itself. The final scene doesn’t 100% follow this, but it’s pretty close. The Great Jason Maverick Finale will be out on March 27th!

Isabelle Pinup by Jeremy

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Profile photo of skyline1975
18 days 5 hours ago

Great tease ,looking forward to the whole animation!!

Profile photo of brownfool
18 days 16 hours ago

will there be any further Part of that Story like a new mage is growing up ?

Profile photo of Timelord895
18 days 21 hours ago

Great job mimi

Profile photo of FoxyBoxy
19 days 2 hours ago

This is going to be magic!

Profile photo of Lorenzo PV
19 days 5 hours ago

SWEET! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Profile photo of Krynja
19 days 7 hours ago


Profile photo of MsAndrews
19 days 7 hours ago

Definitely you need to tease us (show more previews) more often. Looking forward to the finished animation. Thank you Mimi and Ms Foxx.

Profile photo of Mimi
19 days 33 minutes ago

If I make more teasers. Usually, Sam gives me a fairly clear script and I don’t have to board anything but, in this case, she just said: “go make a sex scene, here are some vague guidelines of the characters motivations.” So it was more of a necessity in this case. I also did this for the Amanda/Lucy scene, but that one was less detailed and not timed out.

Profile photo of ginamadrid
16 days 7 hours ago

Mimi: OMG! I can’t wait to see the finished animation. Finally, a sex scene that will be tasteful and make sense in the storyline. Keep up the great work!

Profile photo of darkdraken
19 days 8 hours ago

Nice can’t wait to see it