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By | September 12, 2016

I have a quick question for the next comic. I’ll be changing the page resolution and aspect ratio for the first time since the start of DP, so I would like to test the smallest size font you can comfortably read. Again, this should be so that you can read it easily, not a level where you have to find out what it says with extra effort required. So just leave a comment saying something along the lines of “The smallest size I can read is Male 28/Female 32” or just “Male 28, Female 32.”

I know which of these fonts are currently the average and minimum sizes, but I’ll be keeping that to myself for the sake of this test. Also, like the normal comic, you can click the test image to see the higher resolution version.

Thank you for participating if you comment.


Fourth Comic Reveal: Maker's Game

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Profile photo of jalex23
3 days 4 hours ago

30/35 is what I can read comfortably. 28/32 asks from me more effort, which I do not like.

Profile photo of Christy
1 month 11 days ago

24/28 looks just fine for me. I should also mention that I usually use my Galaxy Note 5, which has a screen resolution of 1440 × 2560, so I’ve never really had any problems. Another thing, if you’re using a smart phone, tap on the comic page to make it full screen and it’ll make the letters less “bold” and easier to read.

Profile photo of Mr. Vinkel
1 month 13 days ago

26/30 is good

Profile photo of Michelleinok
1 month 15 days ago

24/28 ok

Profile photo of Lorna
2 months 13 days ago

28/32 is ok

Profile photo of OttoLutz
2 months 15 days ago

Male 28/Female 32 seems fine to me

Profile photo of billy
2 months 18 days ago

34/40 please. No smaller.

Profile photo of mickayla
2 months 22 days ago

Male 34 & female 40 works for me.

Profile photo of Key
3 months 10 days ago

The font size is just right as it is. Please don’t change it. With the color balloons helps a lot if there are two or more characters talking.

Profile photo of DJ
4 months 5 days ago

Large as possible please.

Profile photo of MtnMan
4 months 17 days ago

U need a sticky post at top to announce the end.

Profile photo of MtnMan
4 months 17 days ago

Male 30,female 35 is the lowest no strain. I prefer male 34, female 40 but I can read all sizes. I’m old enough to use no-line multi-focal glasses, which help with computer screen viewing in general.

Profile photo of James hortan
4 months 22 days ago

Male 30-female 35

Profile photo of Lorna
4 months 30 days ago

I like 38/35 but 32/28 is ok.