Maker’s Game Page 154

By | March 28, 2017

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23 Comments on "Maker’s Game Page 154"

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Profile photo of hemi426
4 hours 31 minutes ago

I wonder what Isabelle is gonna try

Profile photo of Tracy_lushes
4 hours 47 minutes ago

Should make Nikki shrink so she/he gets a test of weeknes and needs help from others

Profile photo of Timelord895
6 hours 24 minutes ago

Where did you get the idea for doing a VR story like this from
It reminds me alot of sword art online

Profile photo of devon2501
5 hours 7 minutes ago

its really an old concept. there are several such stories in anime, manga, and cinema.these include Tron, Sword Art Online, .Hack, Log Horizon, New Gate, Lawn Mower Man, and Digimon just to name a few.

Profile photo of Jeffknight
7 hours 34 minutes ago

I love world of Warcraft i am a guild master

Profile photo of Gizellelil
7 hours 37 minutes ago

Is the idea going to work? I hope not, they both deserve what happened to them and they make better females than males.

Profile photo of Veteris Ordo Seclorum
6 hours 4 minutes ago

……. Why do you say such things? Neither did anything to deserve it.

Profile photo of Tracy_lushes
8 hours 8 minutes ago

Hahaha as a guy I would have picked her boobe and said hi niki

Profile photo of Pirate Billie
8 hours 57 minutes ago

Samantha–you have absolutely put me off on trying VR games…Im afraid

Profile photo of Drgnspirit
9 hours 8 minutes ago

Anyone thinking that Ruby is involved somehow in the game?

Profile photo of KatherineAnne
9 hours 21 minutes ago

A lingering question;
Origin Mask removal, will it restore Leon and Southern Thunder’s characters or will the magic transformation prevent it?

Profile photo of Tracy_lushes
8 hours 7 minutes ago

I think it’s the red fox.

Profile photo of KatherineAnne
9 hours 19 minutes ago

Maybe they stay the same as they are now but will be able to fight as their characters and equip their items only in this form with the masks off.

Profile photo of KatherineAnne
9 hours 25 minutes ago

Me thinks Nikki is going to be laughing at Terrick’s upcoming date with herself,Yuzuki here really really soon hysterically laughing after hearing this coming story. The look on Nikki’s face in the 2nd to last panel is a hint.
Payback keeps on giving and giving.

Profile photo of MisterLion
9 hours 28 minutes ago

That is. Deep rabbit hole there. If ever I were to return to WoW likely be horde, because I was alliance the first time.

And I still wonder if they cannot take the masks off. Or ask about Chris re arming himself…

Profile photo of darkdraken
9 hours 31 minutes ago

Not laughing now yuzuki. When things are brought up about you.

Profile photo of Airanuva
9 hours 34 minutes ago

Yes Sam! The Alliance is glad to have you! πŸ˜€

Profile photo of Shrapnel
9 hours 44 minutes ago

And it begins…