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Different Perspectives

To celebrate the 100th page of Different Perspectives being posted yesterday, I will be uploading the first 25 pages to DeviantArt as a preview to the series. If you don’t already know, there is a brand new page of Different Perspectives posted every single day on sapphirefoxx.com

To spread out the 25 free pages, I will be posting them once every two days instead. The artwork and story of the new comic have come a long way from the start of my first comic series, Shifting Roommates.

I hope you enjoy the introduction to the series, and if you enjoy it enough you can see it, and the growing gallery of comics and animations, at SapphireFoxx.com for only $5 per month. You’ll also have access to the existing 30 animations, and over 450 comic pages on the site.

Thank you,

Different Perspectives Page 1


SF Minecraft Server

Note about the Server: It’s Still 1.7.10

Hey folks, the Minecraft server is still on Bukkit 1.7.10 because there is no Bukkit 1.8 yet. In order to play on the server, set your game to 1.7.10, not 1.8.

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  1. Profile photo of CloudraaCloudraa

    Happy slightly late birthday from 12:02 PM in Canada! lol.
    Anyways, this will sound dumb, but would you take steam wallet codes for payment? (assuming you have steam :P)
    I would give them to you before you activated a subscription, obviously. :P
    I not, I can work with other gift cards with codes on them. They’re the only way I can get you “money” in any shape or form xD

  2. Profile photo of CartoonistCartoonist

    Christina still has to get herself some more jewelry. Every girl needs some nce things to wear.

    Also, Christina is now at a crossroads in her life. Did her falling on top of the shoe guy (what’s his name anyway?) finally awaken her female thoughts and feelings? When she was Jessica, Holly, and her mom Scarlett, the female feelings and thoughts were already there and started to take hold.

    Until her current transformation, Christina did not even exist, except inside of her. Maybe as a guy, her female side was compeltely supressed. Christina is a completely new person, and for all practical purposed, she is really just a “newborn baby” of sorts.

    Did the shoe guy finally awaken the real Christina? What if she starts to become attracted t this guy? If yes, when will he start dating Christina? Will they both become attracted to each other?

    If she starts noticing boys, then Christina will have some hard choices to make in her life. Either she can give up trying to be a girl, and go back to being a guy and keep Holly, or she’ll decide to stay as a girl and start to date this guy, which means that Holly will have to start to date someone else?

    If Christina dates this guy or any other guy, I hope they go to the beach one weekend and she’s wearing that sexy red string thong bikini she was wearing in the fitting room. Like everyone else, I’ll wait to see what Christina will do.

  3. Profile photo of ToddTodd

    I love everything that you have done so far.. I love all the comics and animations. the one thing I would really like is to have sapphire fox statue of my own. you should produce them and sell them, you may be surprised how many people want them

  4. Profile photo of flyboy246flyboy246

    Sam, why don’t you put all your videos on youtube? I bet everyone will enjoy your videos and all the videos will at least have 100000 views EACH. Then you can beat Pewdiepie (feliz) to the `most views of the year` award or the `most subscribes of the year` and get around 4 million US dollars EACH YEAR. Then you will be a millionaire and you will be very rich man. You won`t have to worry about money ever again!

    1. Profile photo of Saint IggySaint Iggy

      Because then what would be the point of having subscribers? The whole reason Foxx moved away from You Tube and DA was to make this a full time job. Which far as I’m tracking is going well for him.

    2. Profile photo of Larissa FrostLarissa Frost

      He cannot because of YouTube’s horrible automated content control. He was living off of YouTube and Google adsense at first, but because someone saw two fully clothed women hugging as pornographic. He couldn’t use adsense anymore. It’s not really a choice at this point.
      And really?… your numbers are way off. And reasoning so full of holes, it’s laughable. Sam is that good of an artist to reach that level. But with how saturated YouTube is now? Nigh implausible.

    3. Profile photo of SapphireFoxxSapphireFoxx Post author

      I have several videos on YouTube with views in the 100,000s, and trust me, the money Youtube pays is terrible. And if you think work like mine would surpass Pewdiepie, you are beyond delusional. The TG community is not that big. Did you also forget Youtube enjoys removing my videos if there is any hint of sexuality?

  5. Profile photo of WhitehorseWhitehorse

    If you have a subscription problem please read the last 2 paragraghs below and Fox will respond.

    For those that are going out to your parents! It is scary but if they are true parents like mine are then you will be accepted. P.S. they will need some time to adjust, give them time and answer Questions but do not give them more than they can handle!!

    I’ve asked this many times, and have written this on every page it happens, but people are still doing it. If you are having a problem with your account or subscription, DON’T leave a comment on a random page. You need to send an email to Support@SapphireFoxx.com or go to the Contact Page.
    There are a number of people who leave a comment somewhere, and it will very likely get unnoticed. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing someone who has a problem, and they left a comment three weeks ago that I never had a chance to help. If you email me, I WILL respond within a day or two. Just leaving a comment won’t help fix your issue.

    1. Profile photo of AngieAngie

      Good luck sweetie! Just know that you have lots of brothers and sisters around the world and that you are NOT alone! At one point I thought I was and I fell in to a dark depression. Just a heads up and go get em hun! <3

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