I just subscribed, but it’s not working

Subscriptions usually take a few minutes for the payment to clear, but in rare cases it can last up to a few hours. Do not try subscribing again, or else you could end up paying twice. If several hours go by and it’s still not working, please send an email to Support@sapphirefoxx.com or fill out the contact form here.

People used to get subscription access immediately after signing up, but due to people exploiting this, you can now only get access once the payment is successfully made. I apologize this inconvenience.


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43 thoughts on “I just subscribed, but it’s not working

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    Hi Sorry to bother. I love your stuff and want to join. I have tried 3 times in the past 2 days and pay pal says I now have 3 preapproved transactions with you. I still can not get on even after you have emailed me that the latest transaction went through. I believe I did get 2 failure notices. That is why I tried again. Can you help me please. Wish it was not this hard. Your stuff is amazing!!

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    I think the issue might be in that you set it up so that there is no “initial payment” and instead the first $5 is billed during the next business day which takes more time to clear than if you just had it be an initial payment then the next payment would be the following month.
    IDK, just a thought.

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