Why is there no mature content?

I personally don’t like making mature content at all. I only ever made one adult animation and I absolutely hated it. I removed it and swore I would never make another. I personally think that transgender content is much more than porn, and I hate the fact that most people only think of it as porn. It doesn’t help that pretty much every other TG site out there is centered around adult content. I want to help change that notion by making a popular TG site that has no pornographic content at all. So far I’m well on my way to that goal. I might not have convinced millions of ignorant people, but I have built a large community of transgender fans using stories, characters, plot, and art rather than mature content.

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Profile photo of john
10 months 4 days ago

nudity isn’t porn if it goes with the story when you have nudity and no story then it to me porn making love with someone you love can be beautiful.

Profile photo of paula
10 months 2 days ago

I can assume In the Halloween series Robin and Riley consummated their new relationship in the usual way. The way it was presented left something to the imagination. A person’s imagination can think of many, many, many did I say many, ways they achieved this! If it showed the position they used would that have added much to the story? I have to say I find it refreshing here.

Profile photo of Alex
8 months 12 days ago

Fair point, there are definitely benefits when leaving some elements to the imagination. However, I do tend to agree with John in the sense that nudity is not always the same as porn. I really enjoy the content on this site and it is clear that a lot of thought and effort goes into the writing, animating and production of the videos and comics. My only real issue is the evident ‘avoidance’ of nudity in any of the media. I am more than happy for there to be no nudity, or there to be nudity; but in my opinion, the… Read more »

Profile photo of OrangePopcicle
10 months 15 days ago

Nicely said.

It may not be porn but don’t forget that it’s still sexy (esp DP..).

It’s also really helpful and reflective… I love the “background stories” (subtext?) that are subtly about Transgender issues/perspectives, the idea of identity, existential crises, and the meanings of gender.

.. and I must say I like most how it has evolved over time.. (even before this site existed)

Profile photo of paula
1 year 4 days ago

I must say this is a great site with or without explicit adult content. I would say it is a pg site. While there is no frontal nudity there is physical interactions. There is kissing, gentle touching and occasionally characters in the joy of love making! Years ago we would say “Leave a little for the imagination!”
(Who wouldn’t be excited to see a touch of lace from a slip showing!)

Mostly though there are outstanding story lines and exciting, witty and interesting dialogue.
Keep up the great work!


Profile photo of Shrapnel
1 year 4 months ago

Okay, I just read this even though you’ve probably had it up for some time now. I will concede to the understanding that most people look at this stuff as erotica, I am guilty of it myself more often than not. However… Pure lust has never been appealing to me. It’s like a mandatory action that beasts go through to repopulate, or simply to get their rocks off, not imaginative, no feeling, and normally nothing memorable. I will say your work, along with numerous others, has an appeal towards giving depth to the story. Can it be erotic, sure, but… Read more »

Profile photo of Alexx
2 years 10 months ago

I love TG and I dont think it’s only mature content that counts.
I love SapphireFoxx’ work.

Profile photo of XloismustdieX
3 years 5 days ago

I would like to see stuff like stealing from sis nudity in the closet scene . After all Its just art not porn I don’t need to see the act of sex . With The most recent shifting roommates fantasy page ,it was amazing because I’m a sucker for fluff. As long as we push things like that no boob shots or nipple wont kill me. I have read so many story’s on fictionmania and other sites. That has my head flooded with things Id love to see animated or drawings of. I do enjoy this site a lot and… Read more »

Profile photo of gamer17
1 year 7 months ago

I agree. A little fanservice wouldn’t hurt, as long as it doesn’t go too far. I don’t want to see the act of sex, just a couple of bare breasts from time to time, and even then it should only be when the situation calls for it.

Profile photo of chino13
3 years 5 days ago

I personally like both content, mature and non-mature and I would be happy if you could make both. For example, ”you dont, need them” i really loved that one and would like to see it again with its mature content but then again if you don’t want to nobody can force you.but I would really like to see it again, maybe on a separate folder or something.

Profile photo of JadeAkaino
3 years 9 days ago

And to those who are transgender (I being one!), I imagine we all wish it could magically happen to us… and I know I live vicariously through the animations and stories. Keep doing these stories as you see fit! If it can change perceptions of at least one person, it’s a step in the right direction ^^

Profile photo of SapphireBoxx
3 years 3 days ago

I know…Just thinking of the fact of being the opposite gender just makes me think of how great it would be to be a full woman…not a trans. I watch these because I feel like i can bring out who I am inside. I’ve always felt like I was in the wrong body since I was 5 but now that i know that transitioning takes so long and can be so painful, I wish doctors could figure out a way to completely change genders, appearances, and stuff like that.

Profile photo of AshK1980
3 years 11 days ago

What’s with everyone thinking that sites with TG Stories and Art have to have mature content? It’s not right. A TG Story and Art Site doesn’t need mature content to be excellent. This site is excellent the way it is!

Profile photo of worm54
3 years 11 days ago

People not sharing your preference does not make them ‘ignorant’. I think we of all people should appreciate that everyone thinks&feels differently, and not call it hate or ignorance when they do.

Profile photo of Spawnfan
3 years 11 days ago

Personally I think your stuff is sexy enough without having sex or nudity. Occasionally I like to include those things, but that’s just me. If you don’t like it, then I see no reason why you should have to include them.

Profile photo of coredumperror
3 years 11 days ago

Here here! (or is it “Hear hear!”?) I totally support this decision!