Getting Into Character Act 1

By | March 17, 2017

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85 Comments on "Getting Into Character Act 1"

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Profile photo of CrossgenderSonicANIMEFan
19 hours 7 minutes ago

Whoa now.. I thought I recognized a voice here.. Sarah Wiedenheft voices Tohru in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid if I’m not mistaken.. and the voice here is just bout spot on

Profile photo of Aaron R Wilson
3 days 4 hours ago

I seriously think he should wearing a hardnes under that silly jell because it sticks on you for weeks.

Profile photo of Senko
4 days 16 hours ago

The whole time I was watching this I kept spotting lines that just made me go “nope your wrong.” like his “No matter what I do I’ll always be a guy.” or “As long as no one know’s who I am I have nothing to worry about.” Though I am surprised at how well his sisters uniform fit considering the size difference is that last years one?

Profile photo of Tara12300
5 days 23 hours ago

I really liked this one! Maybe the fox will visit him??
I also hope this doesn’t take all year, as a new member, I really hate how long some of these take to finish, I do understand, that it takes people time to write, and animate, but damn, I really don’t like all of the time and effort it takes all year???? I’ve also noticed that others go unfinished!!

Profile photo of Jay
6 days 1 minute ago

Poor dude, I\’m short too. The only I\’ve got is my voice.

Profile photo of Matthew Clark
6 days 6 hours ago

Well. That is quite the high-voiced boy.

Profile photo of JollyRoger
8 days 8 hours ago

I’m happy to see Sili-Gel again: I like the ‘double life with the help of a potion/pill/etc.’ stories. May I ask that what are the new features of this advanced Sili-Gel?

Profile photo of Mimi
8 days 7 hours ago

You’ll see in the next episode 😉

Profile photo of Shadow Doctrine
8 days 23 hours ago

Another spark of genius! I love it!

Profile photo of Adam Genez
9 days 3 hours ago

I was actually guessing Alice for Austin’s girl name. Alyssa sounds close though

Profile photo of MsBlasianlady
9 days 6 hours ago

Is it the same voice actress who did voice sister same for izzy from matchmakers etc?

Profile photo of Veteris Ordo Seclorum
9 days 9 hours ago

Hope there’s a part in the play where the 2 main characters kiss

Profile photo of lexxstrum
9 days 7 hours ago

I have a wishlist of things I’d love to see in this story; that’s on it. Also on the list: Austin begins to sink deeply into the role of a girl, losing himself in the role; Alyssa engaging in high school girl activities (dating, prom, parties); a boyfriend; and while it’s a bit derivative of my first one, Alyssa slowly taking liberties with her school uniform (shorter skirt, higher knee socks), mostly to scratch my school girl itch.

Profile photo of Veteris Ordo Seclorum
9 days 9 hours ago

Why are his sister’s arms so big?

Profile photo of inuyasha5781
9 days 10 hours ago

love it

Profile photo of MtnMan
9 days 23 hours ago

I missed that he’d have to be a girl all the time until the play is over. Earning those Tips made me expect him to grow curves just before he needs them (practice, and shows). I do get that “she” has to be an identifiable student. No way to be mysterious to get them to think he’s some other guy in drag (too suggestive of him), or better that “she”s from a nearby school because Drama Teach loudly declared that none of the school’s girls could act the part but she knows a girl … So, $64k Q is how… Read more »

Profile photo of Tara12300
5 days 23 hours ago

Maybe they could say that she’s an exchange student, who comes from a different!!

Profile photo of azgerri
9 days 11 hours ago

I had similar thoughts.
Will Alisa (spelling? Austin enfem) have to be a girl full time at school?
What about after school and at home?
Where will Austin go or can he stay around?

Profile photo of TeeracK
10 days 1 hour ago

I like the teacher’s outfit.