Doing Business As 8: The Finale

By | February 27, 2017

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70 Comments on "Doing Business As 8: The Finale"

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Profile photo of nikie77
3 days 18 hours ago

I was thinking of the series at work today and went back and watched the hole thing I really wish you would make more of this series or another non-magical series but longer, so you can develop the story to its fullest.

Profile photo of Rabecca Mock
20 days 5 hours ago

Nice ending…if it were always so easy.

Profile photo of Alaster Boneman
24 days 3 hours ago

has anyone notched how tall Jamie is, like I know she’s wearing heels but even with out them she towers over Selina

Profile photo of azgerri
24 days 10 hours ago

This series became a good one that left me feeling it should have been a great one. I don’t really know exactly how to make it better, but I do wish for the 10 months to have told a story. The next to last segment show Selina wakening up to the thought of breast surgery. How did Spencer get to that point? This story is Poof, the surgery is complete.

Profile photo of HA55caps
26 days 3 hours ago

This was a nice ending and don’t take this the wrong way, but it was almost too nice. It kinda feels like this story was already resolved. This felt less like a finale and more like an epilogue.

Profile photo of nikie77
26 days 7 hours ago

Wow to bad this is the finale would love to see what would happen to the pool and with Adam

Profile photo of destinywarlock
26 days 14 hours ago

I’m not really a fan of the shift towards more non-magic animations. I think these are fine, but there are rarely any magic related animations, and I don’t know why these have almost been forgotten about entirely. That’s what got me to subscribe, and I can’t see why I would keep my subscription if there are few-no magic animations being made anymore.

Profile photo of MtnMan
9 days 5 hours ago

Huh?! Which is it, magic or non magical that you want more of?

Profile photo of ripssaft
25 days 23 hours ago

I personally prefer non-magic transformations. The “Crossplay” animation is what brought me here, and I stayed because of “Becoming a Bridesmaid”. So far this is the only series that started with crossdressing and didn’t end with magic (not counting one-shots and “Crossplay” since it’s left unfinished). The majority of this site is still about magic, and established around this Fox creature. If this site’s comics and animations became all about magic I would probably lose interest, just like you would with the non-magic stuff. So your argument is as good as mine. You and I represent each of our own… Read more »

Profile photo of Shrapnel
26 days 19 hours ago

I’m actually glad there wasn’t magic involved in this one. A little stretch in cosmetic technology, but nothing dynamic.

Profile photo of Raul Aleman
26 days 20 hours ago

I feel a lot of good stuff is been left out the story. 🙁

Profile photo of houdini
27 days 1 hour ago

this was a great story but I think it may deserve an epilogue-maybe a one shot in like a years time.Just to see if Selina goes for the final and to see where she’s at. Some times I wish your stories could be reality.

Profile photo of Steve-OZ
27 days 14 hours ago

Nice touch using Jamie from SR a magic series to tie in with Selena in the non magic series. Loved the ending, glad it made it off the chopping block !!!

Profile photo of Krys
27 days 20 hours ago

This is one of my favorites

Profile photo of Tsubasa8
28 days 15 minutes ago

dawww happy ending yay

Profile photo of WarOfDigestives
1 month 2 hours ago

I love how the fox is only mentioned

Profile photo of Tracy_lushes
1 month 4 hours ago

Aaaaaaaa graduating out of fantasy into reality. Cool great job.