Doing Business As 7

By | December 7, 2016

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75 Comments on "Doing Business As 7"

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Profile photo of nikie77
1 month 1 day ago

Wow new here I love your work I wonder if the doctor is going to have yours and mine favorite blue statue in her office ?

Profile photo of eva santos
1 month 6 days ago

I hope she get bigger implants than the ghost skin breasts forms

Profile photo of Tara12300
1 month 10 days ago

Hey, when is this going to be finished???
I’d love it to be ASAP!!!!

Profile photo of mickayla
2 months 4 days ago

I wonder if Alistair is going to pay Selena a visit and make her a actual women?

Profile photo of SSJBRiley9001
2 months 4 days ago

cinco de mayo, much?

Profile photo of James Caras
2 months 22 days ago

Is the fox going to pay him/her a visit ?

Profile photo of Ryoko
2 months 25 days ago

Concluded? Not continued? What a shame. This has been a wonderful story and to think that it can all be “wrapped up” in just one more episode leaves so many possibilities and story lines unexplored. I hope that this is not the end. It has been wonderful.

Profile photo of JenSag
2 months 14 days ago

Don’t worry next episode will most likely come out in Feb. But the next episode will be the Finale

Profile photo of James Caras
2 months 27 days ago

How is Spencer/Selina going to fool the lawyer and the doctor ?

Profile photo of coredumperror
3 months 4 days ago

This episode was a touch confusing, but I enjoyed it thoroughly! That accidental button pop near the end had priceless consequences!

I did feel like I missed an episode due to the timeskip, though. Not seeing Spenser go through the process of acclimating to life as Selina, and coming to enjoy it, was a bit jarring.

Profile photo of James Caras
3 months 8 days ago

Adam and Selina sitting in a tree.

Profile photo of James Caras
3 months 10 days ago

The cheesy music is a nice touch.

Profile photo of Gabriel Atienza
3 months 12 days ago

I just bought an account and it says I have to be subscribe wtf

Profile photo of Wentluke
3 months 12 days ago

I keep getting,”Sorry, there was an issue with playback.” What do I do now?

Profile photo of Z adge
3 months 14 days ago

Is it possible to pay with psc?

Profile photo of Charmander
3 months 15 days ago

Okay, I’m sorta confused, So is the Fox making Selina take over, or is Spencer willingly doing this?