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Animations on the Sevens. New animations on every day in the month ending in seven!


Doing Business As 8 Preview

Doing Business As 8: The Finale — Coming February 27

The series finale for Doing Business As wraps up Selina’s story from a struggling business man to a prosperous business woman.

Matchmaker Episode 9 — Coming March 7

Chris has to make a decision. Renew his love for Holly by smoothing things over, or start fresh in a different direction.


Getting Into Character Act 1 — Coming March 17

Many consider Austin to be his school’s best actor. However, his below average stature leaves him out of starring in the biggest play of the year. With a drama scholarship on the line, Austin might need to get creative…


The Mavericks — Coming March 27

Maverick has Haley right where he wants her, which happens to be exactly where he doesn’t want to be. With their bodies swapped, how far will Maverick be willing to go to get his life back?


All Projects in Progress

Status Meaning:

    • Planning = Script not yet finished. Still writing, and planning what will happen.
    • Early Production = Script is complete. Doing prep work such as collecting voice actor lines.
    • Creating Artwork = Art assets are being made.
    • Waiting = All artwork and voice acting is complete. Waiting for an animator to be available to start working on it.
    • Animating = All artwork complete. An animator is currently working on it.
    • Editing = Animation is complete. Adding final touches such as sound effects, credits, as well as fixing mistakes.
    • Ready for Release = Self explanatory.


Last updated: February 20


Doing Business As 8: The Finale Ready for Release
Earning Those Tips 8 Ready for Release
Getting into Character: Act 1 Ready For Release
Getting into Character: Act 2 Editing
Matchmaker Episode 9 Animating
The Mavericks Animating
Getting into Character: Act 3 Waiting
Undercover Agent 1 Waiting
Undercover Agent 2 Waiting
Matchmaker Episode 10 Waiting
Earning Those Tips 9: The Finale Waiting
Matchmaker Episode 11 Creating Artwork
Matchmaker Episode 12: The Finale Creating Artwork
The King’s Heirs V Creating Artwork
The King’s Heirs VI Creating Artwork
The Heist (1 of 3) Creating Artwork
The Heist (2 of 3) Early Production
The Heist (3 of 3) Early Production
Two Sexy Errors Planning
Little Witches Planning
Awakening VI Planning
Ashes To Ashes Planning
Swap Poker Planning
Stars, Bars, and Stripes Planning
Mommy Makeover Planning
Undercover Agent 3 Planning
Getting into Character: Act 4 Planning
Getting into Character: Act 5 Planning
Halloween’s Game Planning
Fractured Stories: Miley’s Revenge Planning
Fractured Stories: Eva Returns Home Planning
The King’s Heirs VII Planning
The King’s Heirs VIII Planning

**This list is NOT the order the animations are being released in. This list orders projects by completion percentage. **

Completed Series

Stealing From Sis
Becoming A Bridesmaid
Too Good To Put Down
My Apprentice
Halloween Switch


Ongoing Series

Doing Business As
The King’s Heirs
Earning Those Tips


Upcoming Series

Getting Into Character
Undercover Agent
Ashes to Ashes


One Shots

Swap Poker*
Little Witches*
Widow’s Web*
Loyal Customers
Online Poser
Beauty of the Sea
The Great Jason Maverick
Work of Art
Mixed Up
Another Chance
New Year in a New Land
The Student
Karma’s A Babe
Fun In The Sun
The Date
What Goes Around Comes Around
Dreams Come True
One Sexy Error
Show Me Where It Hurts
Miss Stewart

* means upcoming.


Canceled Series

Model Parent (Former Commission)
Crossplay (No more TG in the comic)
Spread The Joy (Former Commission)
The Grandmother Paradox (Lack of Interest)


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Profile photo of Tracy_lushes
1 day 17 hours ago

2 months for getting those tips uggggggg

Profile photo of Paul Sell
1 day 12 hours ago

“Earning Those Tips 8” is out on April 7. That’s less than a month and a half from now. If you’re upset that it’s not coming out in March, it’ll be out a week afterwards. That’s not very long at all, nothing to get upset over.

Profile photo of chan
3 hours 50 minutes ago

hey poll which is the song they used in matchmaker end

Profile photo of Paul Sell
3 hours 11 minutes ago

The name of the song is at the end of every credit sequence in “Matchmaker,” as well as in the written description for every “Matchmaker” animation.

Profile photo of rowan williams
2 days 7 hours ago

As new as I am to this I think it would be nice to try some new commissions but only for those who show they really to see it end in a good way. because i would like a story about arcane magic and science together where someone was about to test a machine that was to augment a human to a superhuman with different supernatural abilities but had been unknowingly modified with a warlock’s spell to turn a man into woman and vice versa as well as augment them it would give someone the advantage over an alien race… Read more »

Profile photo of chip4969
2 days 8 hours ago

What’s the date for earning those tips?

Profile photo of Paul Sell
2 days 7 hours ago

Sam has said that “Earning Those Tips 8” will be released on April 7.

Profile photo of Chromer
3 days 14 hours ago

I can only presume that Chris and Holly would break up as shown in the preview, but given how many twists and turns the animations and comics tend to use, one can never know what might really happen.

Profile photo of ripssaft
3 days 18 hours ago

“Getting into Character” seems to be another crossdressing series. I know I speak for a small minority of us when I say I hope it stays that way…

Profile photo of Vistaprinter
3 days 14 hours ago

I’m right there with you! 😀

Profile photo of James Caras
3 days 4 hours ago

To thine own self be true. (Hamlet)

Profile photo of James Caras
3 days 18 hours ago

I think Maverick and Haley would make a great couple in spite of themselves.

Profile photo of James Caras
3 days 19 hours ago

Austin is going to follow in the footsteps of James, Spencer, and Philip.

Profile photo of James Caras
3 days 19 hours ago

Chris should break it off.

Profile photo of GohanFGC
3 days 14 hours ago

I agree. Holly finding out about Chris’s ability to change bodies has made her selfish. This was bound to happen one way or another. Hell, at this point, I’d say she’s even worse than Barb from Shifting Roommates. At least Barb was willing to concede that she was wrong in the end.

Profile photo of Vistaprinter
3 days 14 hours ago

I don’t agree with that. She didn’t act that way during the comic. It was after the comic that she started acting like that. She’s being re-written so that Chris has an excuse to break it off and end up with Isabelle.

Who is, let’s face it even a worse person than Barb. Remember that she totally used magic to let her boyfriend get r a p e d by a guy in too good to put down? There was nothing consensual for that poor fellow down there.

Profile photo of GoldEagle
3 days 14 hours ago

I wouldn’t say re-writing as much as evolving. Isabelle started off as an unlikable, selfish brat and she’s matured over the last couple of years. If she wanted to, she could have easily manipulated Chris or Holly to get what she wanted, and while her old self would have done that, Isabelle never stooped that low in Matchmaker. Furthermore, in the most recent episode Isabelle made a very self-less decision by putting Chris’s relationship with Holly ahead of what she wanted herself (which even Chris couldn’t do). Likewise, Holly has evolved in the other direction of unlikable-ness. Granted, her change… Read more »

Profile photo of Niera Windstar
4 days 11 hours ago

It’s not like your stuff is subject to censoring.

Profile photo of GohanFGC
3 days 14 hours ago

All the nudity that use to exist on this site was removed and or patched-out ages ago. Of course it’s censored.

Profile photo of Niera Windstar
4 days 11 hours ago

With this site not being part of YouTube, why don’t you add full nudity and not tease with arms covering boobs and privates?

Profile photo of Paul Sell
4 days 10 hours ago

Because Sam wants to remove the stigma that all TG transformation sites are only about porn. Here’s how Sam addressed that: “I personally don’t like making mature content at all. I only ever made one adult animation and I absolutely hated it. I removed it and swore I would never make another. I personally think that transgender content is much more than porn, and I hate the fact that most people only think of it as porn. It doesn’t help that pretty much every other TG site out there is centered around adult content. I want to help change that… Read more »

Profile photo of sttim
4 days 21 hours ago

Sam i was wondering if you are planing on redoing DBA part 1&2 with voices

Profile photo of Chromer
5 days 15 hours ago

Sam, even though you said you would modify the Coming Soon page today, it hasn’t been changed yet.

Profile photo of Ben Peterson
6 days 16 hours ago

Yeah earning those tips should be next

Profile photo of Paul Sell
6 days 16 hours ago

We just had an episode of “Earning Those Tips” a week and a half ago. Sam just admitted that she hates releasing two animations from the same series within three animations. So it makes sense that we’ll be getting the next episode of “Earning Those Tips” in April.

Profile photo of exsmoke
6 days 21 hours ago

we ‘ll miss doing business as and earning those tips