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Earning Those Tips Trailer

Good news! We’re doing actual trailers now, not the previews that were posted in the past. The even better news is that we plan on posting about two of these trailers per month here to YouTube. Currently seven of the nine parts to Earning Those Tips have been released, with the last two parts coming soon. You can… Read More »

Halloween Switch 6 Preview

Halloween Switch is an 11 part series about a guy named Robin getting talked into dressing up as a woman for Halloween by his girlfriend, Riley. With Riley also dressed up as the other gender for the evening, these two might spend a bit longer as the other gender than they planned on… Everything SapphireFoxx: ⊹ Home:… Read More »

Fractured Pages 1-25 Preview

It’s time for 25 page preview of the ‘Fractured’ comic series! Two weeks ago, we reached the huge milestone of 1000 comic pages across all three of our comic series. With one page coming out every single day, we’ve reached that huge volume in our nearly three years in business. Fractured started on November 5, 2015, and will… Read More »

Stealing From Sis Anniversary Preview

Stealing From Sis Anniversary was the remake we made last November for SFS parts 1 through 8 using our current graphics and a voice dub. To watch the whole 15 minute remake of Stealing From Sis, it’s on You can sign up to to enjoy tons of transgender content for only $5 per month, and can… Read More »

My Apprentice I Trailer

“The Fox’s descendant, Isabelle Arrington, continues her journey where ‘Too Good To Put Down’ left off, as she seeks to track down the elusive Fox. Will she find her ancestor? Even if she does, what makes her think the Fox would be willing to take her as his apprentice? Isabelle may only find trouble down the foxhole.” You… Read More »