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  • Matchmaker Trailer
    Matchmaker Trailer

  • Earning Those Tips Trailer
    Earning Those Tips Trailer

  • Halloween Switch 6 Preview
    Halloween Switch 6 Preview

  • Fractured Preview

  • Stealing From Sis Anniversary Preview

  • My Apprentice I Trailer

  • Awakening III: Revelations Trailer

  • New Year In A New Land Trailer

  • Work Of Art Trailer

  • Halloween Switch 1 Trailer

  • The Great Jason Maverick Trailer

  • Different Perspectives Trailer

  • The Date Trailer

  • Too Good to Put Down 1 Trailer

  • Awakening 1 Trailer

  • One Sexy Error


Comics are series that last for about a year before they conclude and a new comic takes it’s place for the daily released pages. You can see the first 25 page of each series below.
Shifting Roommates ran for 351 pages in 2013 and 2014.
Different Perspectives ran for 400 pages in 2014 and 2015.
Fractured ran for 356 pages in 2015 and 2016.
Maker’s Game is the current ongoing comic for 2016 and 2017.

Fractured Wallpaper Welcome

Meet Blake, Evan, Matthew, and Kyle. These four rotten men have zero regard for others, and don’t care who gets in their way. When a certain Fox tries to protect someone they are abusing, they turn their sights on him. Even being shattered into thousands of pieces won’t stop Fox from getting back at these four.

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Different Perspectives Wallpaper Welcome

Different Perspectives is the story of Chris Young, a guy in high school who finds out he has the power to transform into people by wearing their clothes. Weirdly, it only works on girls’ clothes. Chris frequently uses his power to help out the people he knows or for his own personal gain, but his plans always seem to backfire on him while he’s transformed. He has a number of girls to choice from including his girlfriend, sister, mother, teacher, and his female self.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 Page 22 Page 23 Page 24 Page 25

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Profile photo of tgcomics520
3 days 22 hours ago

Someone is posting your videos on YouTube!


Profile photo of Lorna
5 days 51 minutes ago

Darlin’, have you ever considered providing PDF versions of completed sequences? Maybe even partials for series that have been ongoing for a long time (e.g., 1st 50 episodes, 1st 100, etc)?? This would be a great alternative to folks like me who’d like to go back and revisit stories without the tedium of clicking every episode, Something to think about, eh?

Profile photo of Paul Sell
4 days 17 hours ago

Sam has mentioned in the past that it would be bad for business to make PDF versions of comics or sequences for everyone to download. Because then someone could take the entire PDF version of a comic, put it up on another website where it would be free for everyone to view, including people who aren’t subscribed to this website, and then anyone can look at the entirety of the comic without ever subscribing, thus Sam could be losing lots of potential business. I’m not saying everyone would attempt to do that, nor am I saying that you would do… Read more »

Profile photo of Lorna
2 days 20 hours ago

The negative about plagiarism is well-founded, and its a sad reality in some venues, so the concern is understandable. Although, it is worth noting that Femur’s TGComics site has been offering PDFs since day-one and I’ve not heard any complaints from her about plagiarism, and we’re partnered on her TGCaps site. Second, the animations aren’t easily downloaded, but the comic panels can be copied freely. Have you had any evidence of them being pagaiarized? Anyway, I hope you find an efficient way to allow sequential viewing of series (amins and/or comics) so I don’t have to view every single panel… Read more »

Profile photo of MeanMiiikke
6 days 20 hours ago

My fav animation has to he work of art

Profile photo of rikku5678
7 days 9 hours ago

sorry for the english I’m french

Profile photo of rikku5678
7 days 9 hours ago

How can I use key

Profile photo of JC Alex
7 days 14 hours ago

I was Really a fan of Sapphirefoxx.. And How I Wish That I can see may Name there one of the Characters that will be Female..

Like JC to Juliane or somehow..

and I wish That Chris and Jessica would swap bodies since thay are both soccerers..
haha Hoping

Profile photo of Tracy_lushes
9 days 3 hours ago

Would it be worth the time to right a script and send it in for review? No comition work. If so where would I send it to?

Profile photo of Tracy_lushes
5 days 7 hours ago

No reply bummer

Profile photo of HeroOfTime7
9 days 20 hours ago

I first started following SF years ago back on YouTube and finally became a subscriber on the site for a bit back in the fall. I’m getting here again now thanks to finally having my own credit card and I gotta say it’s great to be back. I wasn’t as into Maker’s Game as DP or Fractured at first but now that I’ve caught up, I’m totally sold! Can’t wait to see what’s next

Profile photo of Timelord895
9 days 23 hours ago

What’s everyone’s favorite animation mine is probably miss stewart

Profile photo of matthew kingston
10 days 3 hours ago

to all at sapphire fox happy easter easter

Profile photo of Jessica
10 days 4 hours ago

they should make like a animation series of different perspectives like recreate the comic into a animation or reincarate it it would be awsome to see the transformation instead of seeing different angles

Profile photo of JC Alex
10 days 11 hours ago

I wish that Different perspective or Matchmaker would have a long series.. With more shapeshifting of chris.. Or sometimes, her sister can also change form..

Having fun with it

Profile photo of Lenny216
10 days 23 hours ago

This is the greatest community ive seen in a while.

Profile photo of Lenny216
10 days 23 hours ago

Good Job SapphireFoxx! 🙂

Profile photo of Alaster Boneman
11 days 59 minutes ago

who’s that girl in-between Nick and Mariah I don’t remember her

Profile photo of Paul Sell
11 days 38 minutes ago

That’s Alyssa from “Getting Into Character.”

Profile photo of Sonja Valentine
11 days 18 hours ago

So I was watching this anime with my friend called “Miss Kobyashi’s Dragon Maid” and who’s voice should I recognize coming from the main dragon Tohru? Why none other than Sarah Wiedenheft, our very own Isabelle! Super cool to see some of her other work.